Get Rid of Your Dead Skin with Gommage Exfoliating Gel

Gommage peeling gel is a gentle face exfoliant that helps our skin’s regeneration by removing dead skin cells and making way for new ones.


You’re probably tired of hearing how important it is to exfoliate your skin. We’ve heard it dozens of times. Our moms tell us. Our friends tell us. Dermatologists tell us. Social media tells us. But, why is it SO vital? Though you can't see it, humans shed nearly 40,000 dead skin cells every hour. That’s almost a million skin cells within a 24-hour period. Shocking, right? It’s difficult to see them fall off your skin and the worst part is, you have no idea where they go… on your clothes, your pillowcase, your keyboard, your dog, your…. Should I keep going?

No… Please, stop! What do I do!?


Why we exfoliate

So, now we know that cell renewal is a natural process which requires continuous maintenance. If not exfoliated regularly (or properly), they are likely to cause breakouts, dullness, roughness, uneven texture, and more. Exfoliation comes in several forms and methods, you can read about how to exfoliate your face here. However, many methods we see on the market today can surprisingly harm your skin. Luckily, a gentler alternative for skin exfoliation exists and we’re ALL here for it! The French call it gommage.


Gommage: What’s the hype?

Gommage, which in French means ‘to erase’, is a product used to exfoliate the face and body.

Let me break it down for you. Have you ever rubbed your skin right after a steaming hot shower? Gross, but satisfying, right? Known as a French spa classic, Gommage uses a similar method of ‘erasing’ your dead skin away. Like other exfoliation forms, gommage unclogs pores, clears acne, and increases cell turnover. However, because gommage is a manual exfoliation that removes the surface layer of your dead skin cells, it allows the rest of your wonderful serums, oils, treatments, and moisturizers to absorb even deeper! Want to know a secret to getting even better results from all your skincare products? Prior to continuing your skincare regime, use an AHA like our Glow to Go Glycolic Acid Peel Pads for a deeper exfoliation after gommaging your face 


Is Gommage okay for my skin type?

You know how some products market to everyone with ‘For All Skin Types’? This is one of those products as its primary use is in the manual aspect of the product. Gommage is known to be one of the gentlest forms of skin exfoliation that even our Licensed Estheticians, here at Sonage, recommend for anyone with sensitive skin. It is a classic essential for French spas that they would probably consider it their ‘Holy Grail’! For a French spa experience at home, try our Ultimate DIY Home Facial.