Glycolic acid is an ideal ingredient because of its wide range of skin compatibility and benefits

    Having glycolic acid included in your skin care products benefits your skin by being able to penetrate into your skin deeper and allowing for dead skin cells to shed from the top layer of the skin to reveal supple skin. It also replenishes and balances your skin.

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Glycolic Acid has become a trend in the skincare industry, like other buzzwords, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Collagen. For many of us, Glycolic Acid is already one of our favorite safe-for-skin acids, with its glow-boosting benefits. It’s likely you’ve seen or used an AHA chemical exfoliant toner like our Glow To Go Pads or Harmony Glycopolymer Solution or even gotten a chemical peel from a licensed professional. However, there is another category that AHA belongs in, and that is moisturizers.

Why Glycolic Acid?

The natural beauty industry- ourselves included- swear by Glycolic Acid for standing the test of time as a remedy for refining skin texture, reducing age spots, acne scars and irregular pigmentation. Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring and exfoliating ingredient sourced from sugar cane that plays an important role in making your skin look illuminated and feel smooth. Glycolic acid is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and because of its smaller molecular size it penetrates more deeply into the layers of the skin, so you get the most benefits. For those with dry skin, it sheds dead skin cells off the top layer of the skin, to reveal newer, more supple skin beneath. For those with oily skin, it dissolves excess sebum, replenishes and balances, ultimately evening out and hydrating the skin.

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Why use Glycolic Acid Cream?

Glycolic creams generally contain a higher amount of Glycolic acid, so if you’re looking to maximize your skin care regimen, consider adding one to your Spring routine. One of our favorite ways of incorporating Glycolic acid into our routines and achieving dramatic results is by using our Harmony Glycopolymer Creme. Applying glycolic acid cream allows the skin to stay continually fresh, bright, and ready for summer. It is also blended with additional oils and extracts like Pumpkin Seed Oil and Phytic Acid for additional radiance and wrinkle-filling effects.

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Using Glycolic Acid Cream

Unlike a cleanser or wash, a glycolic cream is not washed off the face. Glycolic acid is one of the safest and mildest types of  AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) meant to be applied in the evening only for a short time (4 weeks) or alternated with another moisturizer to decrease sensitivity. We recommend alternating with our High Endurance Creme for its antioxidants that protect against environmental stressors and boost the immunity of the skin.  Overall, if you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your skin, hide the signs of aging, acne discoloration or other spots, then a glycolic acid cream is definitely worth a look. And the golden rule? Always use an SPF, year-round, when you’re using acids on your skin (and even if you aren’t, remember what UVA and UVB rays do to your skin!) as they can increase your sensitivity to the sun.