The Gwyneth Mom Ritual

$60 ($72 Value)

The Gwyneth Treatment serves as the foundation for an all-natural, holistic & innovative self-care routine with the Sonage Soothing Mist and Sonage C-Shield Smart Serum. This treatment marries technology with beauty with it’s blue-light blocking capabilities & 15-natural botanicals, for a quick routine utilizing all the latest in cutting-edge beauty. This treatment was built for the mom who wants to revolutionize her self-care routine by getting rid of ‘the mask’ and bringing her natural beauty to the forefront. Start your day fresh with this minimalistic AM routine!

Step 1Soothing Mist is a calming spritz toner that balances and refreshes to reveal a healthy glow. Helps reduce redness, soothe breakouts, and restore the skin's natural balance.

Step 2C Shield Smart Serum® - Lightweight water-based serum with revolutionary technology will protect skin from blue light from your smartphones and laptops.

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