A step by step guide on how to use our Ultimate DIY Home Facial Kit

    Bring home the spa experience with our Ultimate DIY Home Facial Kit that will leave your skin feeling nourished and pampered

    Ultimate DIY Home Facial Kit

Step By Step Process: How To Use At-Home Facial Kit

Who wouldn’t love a good pampering routine? Be it for overall mood rejuvenation or for skin health, facials are the best way to keep your skin healthy as well as your body relaxed at the same time. While in-salon facials are effective and proven to be efficient, at-home facials are as effective and efficient as their salon counterparts, if done correctly. Luckily, Sonage has a curated At-Home Facial Kit with easy to follow steps.

Preparing Yourself For At-Home Facial

If you are new to at-home facials, then you need to first prepare yourself for the same. The first and foremost step is to research and buy the essential agents. We recommend Sonage's DIY At Home Facial Kit, which is a complete facial kit perfect for all skin types. The next step is to do a patch test, and the third step is to relax yourself and allocate some me-time for you to relish your at-home facial session.

Sonage Ultimate At Home Facial Kit

Importance Of Skincare At Home

While facial in itself is a procedure if few steps, to actually yield benefits of any facial, be it at home or in salons, the most essential thing is to incorporate a proper skincare routine in your everyday life. According to your skin type, lifestyle, and skin concerns, have a solid skincare regime in place.


At-Home Facial Steps:

Step 1: Hydrating Cleanser - The first and foremost step in any skincare procedure, including facials, is to cleanse your skin properly. One must understand the importance of cream cleansers and incorporate the same in everyday skincare routine as well as weekly/periodic at-home facial. The cleanser not just removes makeup and impurities of the skin, but leaves are clean canvas to work on for the succeeding products to do wonders on your face.

Step 2: Gommage Exfoliating Gel®- Gone are the days of harsh scrubs and microbes loaded exfoliation. More and more skincare gurus are talking about the importance of microbead-free exfoliation. Using a non-abrasive microbead-free exfoliating gel brightens the complexion, smooths the skin, and eliminates dead skin cells. This face scrubbing step is safe for even the most sensitive skin as it makes your skin look fresh and glowing.

Step 3: Glow To Go Glycolic Acid Peel Pads- These glycolic acid peel pads are very safe and easy to use at home. Once a week or as needed, you can use these glow to go pads to gently exfoliate your face further, this easily and effortlessly treats any blackheads, whiteheads, etc and gives you a smooth looking and feeling skin.

Step 4: Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask- Next step in your at-home facial is a face mask. Face masking with saffron is an age old practice in Ayurveda. Saffron mask for the face provides moisture to dry, dehydrated skin texture and also benefits sensitive skin. Furthermore, it brightens dull skin and leaves a natural glow.

Step 5: Botanica Souffle Creme - Final step in any facial is moisturizer to restore hydration. Opt for a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer, which is easy to apply and massage on to your face, using your fingertips with light pressure.

Cost Effective At-Home Facials

One of the major reasons that more and more people are opting for at-home facials is due to its cost effectiveness. Priced at $6/facial with Sonage's DIY At-Home Facial Kit, one can get a salon like facial in the comfort of their homes for a fraction of the price. Not all pampering and skincare has to be expensive.

Sonage Ultimate At Home Facial Kit

Convenience of At-Home Facials

Furthermore, with these simple, five steps you can get a salon like glow and professional smooth skin in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to prebook an appointment, drive to the salon, or even opt only for working hours. You can comfortably do this simple at-home facial and go to bed as well without any stress.

The impact of at-home facials on mental health and relaxation:

Given that you can do at-home facials as often as you want and as personalized as you want once you have the skincare agents at home, it definitely gives you more avenues to improve your skin's health. Self-care is on your timing and you can fit it into your schedule whenever you please. This in turn improves mental health and relaxation. 

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