Beauty, like food, should be a health choice.®

— Anisha Khanna,
CEO, Sonäge


Sonäge /sôn•äge/ (n) derived from the French expression, “Bien porter son âge,” which translates to, “To look good for one’s age.” But our mission goes beyond that. Sonäge advocates a holistic lifestyle, changing the way we treat our bodies to feel good for our age.


Our successful 20+ years as a spa-grade brand is rooted in European skincare tradition with a focus on premium, luxury natural ingredients. Working with top scientists in Europe and Los Angeles, we balance the best in modern skincare science with the amazing healing powers of Mother Nature. We manufacture in small batches every ninety days so we can quickly incorporate new research and best practices into our products. With over two decades experience, we've perfected our revolutionary formulas using botanicals, active plant enzymes and pure essential oils (instead of harsh chemicals) to deliver beautiful, healthy and radiant results.


The New Natural® at Sonäge is our commitment to creating the safest, most environmental-friendly, natural, non-toxic and highly-effective products on the market. We balance the best in skincare science with Mother Nature’s bounty, as we harness the restorative and renewing power of botanical oils to create rich and unique aromas to enhance the Sonage experience for our customers.

Our customers care deeply about what they put into their bodies and we are passionate about what we put into our products. We have been raising the bar even higher by aligning our brand with the Environmental Working Group, supporting EWG Verified™, the gold standard in health and wellness certification.

Sonäge's products contain no nasties like parabens, petrochemicals, sulfate, GMOs, phthalates, oxybenzone. You’ll never find microbeads, which can imbed in your pores and harm the environment, or harsh chemicals and toxins in our formulas. Instead, we use natural alternatives to keep our products stable and fresh, such as Burdock Root, Honey Suckle, and Tea Tree Oil. And because we think being kind is beautiful, our products have always been cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.


We know our customers lead busy lives and don’t always have time to get to the spa. Self-care isn’t just skin deep, it’s a vital important part of living a more conscious, full and balanced life. That’s why Sonage supports the Self-Care Revolution. We’ve created products that deliver the same healing, relaxing aromatherapy and the inspired, energizing pampering you’ll find in the best salons and spas — right to your home.

You don’t have to take our word for it, try #TheNewNatural and experience the glow of natural skin health and beauty from the inside out.


At Sonäge, our commitment is to your skin, and to our environment. Just as our customers are conscious of what they put into their bodies, we are acutely conscious of what we put into our products, and what we don’t. The New Natural®, our foundational approach to creating natural, (bio) active formulas, delivers unparalleled benefits to your skin, while protecting and honoring the planet.

We understand that our customers want products that are good for their skin and for our environment, so we've teamed up with the Eco Packaging Alliance to use environmentally sustainable packaging and print our information directly on our bottles and jars to keep our carbon footprint small and avoid creating more landfill.

The New Natural isn't just about improving and nourishing your skin, it's also about protecting our planet

Sonage Certifications


You've discovered The New Natural at Sonäge. Hello beautiful. Rinse, rub, slather, enjoy and repeat.

We are proud that all Sonäge products are free from parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, metallic aluminum, triclosan, talc, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, toluene, oxybenzone, avobenzone and octinoxate.