Behind The Seal:
What Is Behind All Our Certifications? 

Our certifications provide a sense of comfort for our clients that Sonage creates accessible clean formulations. We are continually innovating while exceeding the needs of our customers.


We never allow or support product testing on animals. We are PETA cruelty-free certified.

AVA - Vegan-Friendly

All products are free of animal-derived ingredients. Our products consist of vegan formulas to help make informed choices and confident selections. 


Our business is entirely owned, operated, controlled and managed by women. Supporting Women Owned businesses is an investment into a future of economic success, innovation, and equality. 


Our products are free from EWG chemicals of concern and meets EWG's strictest standards for your health. We value your trust and commit to full transparency. We are proud to be EWG Verified.


Materials sourced from sustainably managed forests that preserves biological diversity while benefiting the lives of our community.


Post-Consumer Recycled material or Post Consumer Resin (PCR), is a more sustainable packaging option for our environmentally-conscious customer. It is spent plastic waste collected at local recycling centers that is sorted, sterilized and repurposed into new packaging.

No Issue - ECO Packing Alliance

Sustainably sourced, all packaging is eco-friendly to prevent excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic. As part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance, we are given the opportunity to help revive biodiversity by contributing to global reforestation.

Sonage SustainabilityAccording to noissue., we have planted 29,988 trees in 22 locations worldwide. (updated April 12, 2021)