For more than two-decades Sonäge has been creating clean-performance solutions for the professional spa industry. Striving to manufacture the cleanest, most efficacious skincare available on the market, the U.S.-based company is honoring their 20-year European heritage, while spreading the word of non-toxic beauty to estheticians, spa owners and consumers.

If you are a spa, salon, esthetician or certified professional interested in carrying and using Sonäge Skincare treatments and homecare products in your spa, we would love to hear from you. Sonäge has a robust training and support program for new beauty school graduates. We invite submissions from currently enrolled and recently licensed professionals, you may be eligible for an exclusive offer on a Student Starter Kit.

If you are a consumer looking to experience Sonäge Facial, please send us a submission to and we will be happy to locate a Sonäge spa in your neighborhood. We have a network of over 600 Sonäge professionals located throughout the United States


“The goal of the Sonäge Skin Kiosque is to collaborate with like-minded spa partners to set a new standard for healthy skin. By empowering skincare professionals and consumers to make safe skin care choices, the Sonäge Skin Kiosque program will have the effect that resonates with safety conscious consumer,” says Anisha Khanna, CEO of Sonäge Skincare. “We are committed to helping our clients succeed by creating real solutions that produce results without causing harm. The holistic approach adopted by the Adams sisters at Take Care’s and Susan at SB Beaute made them the perfect spas to promote our New Natural Manifesto.” There are a limited number of Sonäge Skin Kiosque collaborations available to skincare professionals committed to delivering long term results that are non-toxic. For inquiries contact  


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