10 beauty hacks that you can try while using our Laserine Botanical Salve

    An all-purpose salve is equivalent to your little black dress in your closet. It is the jack-of-all-trades, as one would say! Read our guide on how you can use our Laserine Botanical Salve

    Laserine Botanical Salve

10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks Using All-Purpose Balm

All-Purpose Balm is the LBD of beauty. Dress it up, dress it down – it's an incredibly versatile essential; immune to new trends and consistently reliable. And, just like an LBD there is no limit to the ways you can wear it. Here are 10 tips to transforming your beauty routine with an all-purpose balm:

1. Prevent Hair Dye From Staining Skin

Use a small amount of natural all-purpose balm to rub along the perimeter of your hairline and the tips of your ears before applying dye. The moisturizing properties in the salve break the color formula and prevent dye from staining the skin.

2. Seal Split Ends

Once a week, apply a dab of botanical all-purpose balm to the tips of your hair before you go to sleep. The salve will hydrate your hair and seal the ends, preventing them from splitting and keeping your hair looking healthy.

3. Soothe Cracked Heels

You don't need a lot of money or time to experience a lavish pedicure and beautifully soft feet. After your evening shower, lather your feet with a generous amount of natural multipurpose balm and put on a pair of clean cotton socks and just go to sleep. When you wake-up the next morning, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the wondrous difference in smoothness.

4. Use As A DIY Lip Scrub

If your lips are feeling particularly dry, perhaps they are in need of a little exfoliation. Put some non-toxic all-purpose balm on your finger and add a pinch of coarse sea salt. Gently exfoliate your lips by rubbing in circular motions for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse your lips to get rid of the salt and add some extra salve for extra hydration.

5. Add Definition To Your Eyelashes

If you're going for the no makeup look, natural all-purpose balm can be a great way to moisturize and define your lashes. Botanical salves are to lashes what conditioner is to hair; leaving you with luscious, glossy eyelashes.45cfb0462fd2445de6beb6e0794035b7

6. Use As A DIY Highlighter

For a quick, but effective contour, mix some iridescent eyeshadow with a natural multipurpose salve and apply to your cheekbones and tip of your nose. For lighter skin tones, we recommend going for a silvery shadow, while people with darker skin tones may prefer warmer, gold hues.

7. Give Yourself A No-Mess Manicure

Botanical all-purpose salve can help you out in a few ways here. Firstly, before painting your nails, apply some balm on the skin around the nails with a Q-Tip, careful not to get any on your nails themselves. Choose your color, apply your coats and wait for your nails to dry. While waiting, add some natural all-purpose balm to the cap of your nail polish to prevent the lid sticking to the lacquer. Use another Q-Tip to wipe away the balm and any excess polish. You'll also notice the extra benefit of super soft cuticles.

8. To Eliminate Blackheads and Minimize the Appearance of Pores

A blackhead is a combination of sebum and dead skin cells that clog pores. Typically anyone with larger pores or oily skin are more susceptible to blackheads, but anyone can be affected. If you are one of those people who love to pick at your skin – fight the urge because it can result in lifelong scars! However, this simple trick will get rid of your blackheads in no time. Simply wash your face – use warm water to really open the pores up – and pat dry with a towel. Apply a thick coat of non-toxic natural all-purpose balm to the affected area before covering with a piece of plastic wrap. Keep the skin covered in plastic wrap and press a hot damp washcloth on top for 2-5 minutes. The pressure of the cloth and the hydration of the salve will bring the blackheads to the skin's surface. Remove the wrap and washcloth and gently exfoliate your skin – preferably with a non-abrasive exfoliant that does not contain microbeads – to reveal a flawless complexion.

9. Remove Makeup

Botanical all-purpose balm is especially handy at wiping away eye makeup without pulling and stretching the skin. Simply apply some salve and wipe away with a cotton ball or face cloth.

10. Create a Home-Made Tinted Lip-Balm

Put a liberal amount of non-toxic all-purpose balm in a small  container and swirl in a small piece of your favorite colored lipstick. Since we heart icon all things natural, we recommend using a lipstick free from any harmful ingredients.

And these are just ten of the infinite ways in which you can use a natural all-purpose balm – the truth is absolutely in the name!

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