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    Why our Ultimate DIY Home Facial Kit is worth it!
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    Bring home the spa experience with our Ultimate DIY Home Facial Kit that will leave your skin feeling nourished and pampered
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    Ultimate DIY Home Facial Kit

Are Facial Kits Worth It?

We get asked this all the time. There are many facial kits out there, but none as easy to use or value packed like ours. 

Our DIY At Home Facial Kit consist of products that are designed to work together to address many skincare concerns such as reducing blemishes, brightening skin, or reducing fine lines and wrinkles. By purchasing our DIY Kit, you can be confident that our products are formulated to work together and complement each other, providing you with optimal results.

Amazing Value For Your Pocket And Your Skin

Facial Kits offer a more cost-effective way to try our bestselling products. Save $25 when you purchase our at DIY at home facial kit, delivering 30 full at home facials.

Easily Stick To Your Routine

Facial kits allow you to streamline your skincare routine and let us professionals do the thinking for you. Our esthetician curated routine is formulated for all skin types. With our facial kit, you have all the products you need in one place, making it easier for you to be consistent and see results!

You Can Trust Us. We Know What We're Doing.

With over 20 years in research and development, Sonage has mastered creating safe and effective skincare products backed by science. We're giving you the peace of mind that you're using products that have been rigorously tested and proven to deliver results.

Bring The Spa Experience Home: What's Included

The ultimate “result-based” home facial kit helps clarify and plump your skin. Recreate the spa experience at home with the best clean beauty products. Suitable for all skin types, it helps smooth wrinkles, moisturizes, and makes your skin glow. We recommend doing this full facial routine 1-2 times per week.

At-Home Facial Kit Steps:


Our Hydrating Cleanser is a gentle face wash cream cleanser that helps remove makeup and other impurities without stripping natural oils. Best for dry skin – jojoba, sesame, and peach oil skin cleanser leaves the face feeling clean, supple, and deeply nourished.

Step 2: EXFOLIATE   

Gommage Exfoliating Gel® is a non-abrasive microbead-free exfoliating gel. Gel peel formulation brightens the complexion, smooths the skin, and eliminates dead skin cells.

Step 3: PEEL 

Glow To Go Glycolic Acid Peel Pads brighten and even skin tone, refines skin texture, reduces the appearance of dark spots, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and deeply moisturizes and decongest pores to leave you glowing after just a few swipes.

Step 4: MASK 

Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask provides moisture to dry, dehydrated skin texture and also benefits sensitive skin.  This blend of emollients nourishes while Ginseng, Saffron, CoQ10 energize and provide that natural glow.


Botanica Souffle Creme is a lightweight, mattifying whipped cream natural face moisturizer packed with a garden's worth of botanicals to nourish and replenish moisture.

These 5 steps will definitely rejuvenate your skin and deliver amazing nourishing results!

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