Eliminate wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movement (think crows’ feet around the eyes or the "11s" in-between your brows)

    Miracle ingredient Argireline, works by temporarily paralyzing the muscle, hence preventing movement – and like magic wrinkles are gone.

    R&R Peptide Packed Serum

Argireline Benefits for Skin: The Natural Way to Eliminate Dynamic Wrinkles

When crow’s feet and other dynamic wrinkles appear as a result of repeated muscle movement, you may think your only answer is injections. Botox and other injectable neurotoxins can certainly smooth things over, but if you don’t want to go near needles, what do you do? look for Argireline!

What’s Argireline?

Argireline is a synthetic peptide that works like those injections to prevent muscle movements that cause wrinkle formation. It also boosts collagen production while optimizing its function. Peptides are common in skincare though this one has the ability to act like Botox, all without the needles, so you can get that smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

Argireline Benefits for Skin

Adding Argireline to your skincare ritual can provide you with a few very noticeable benefits. Argireline benefits for skin include fighting wrinkles by prevent dynamic wrinkles from developing.

This peptide interferes with a specific protein receptor complex that is responsible for muscle movement. This results in fewer muscle contractions and hence, fewer wrinkles.

Another way Argireline benefits skin is in how it stimulates collagen production. The more collagen your skin has, the firmer, smoother, and healthier it will be. Argireline is also helpful for retaining moisture in your skin. By boosting those moisture levels, skin looks plumper and more youthful.

Along with these Argireline benefits for skin, you should also know there are no known side effects. But as with anything new that you try on your skin, it can’t hurt to do a small patch test to ensure your skin tolerates skincare products with this peptide in it.

Best Way to Get Argireline’s Benefits for Skin

If you want to get Botox-like results without getting stuck with needles, you’ll want to look for skincare products that contain Argireline. It works best when you use it to target areas that have creases or deep folds, like around your eyes and on your forehead.

R&R Peptide Packed Eye Serum by Sonage is formulated with five peptides to refine and revive (R&R, get it?) your eye area. Argireline is one of these five peptides that work to fight those wrinkles. Along with other natural skin-loving ingredients, this eye serum works to reduce dark circles, under eye bags, puffiness, and fights those visible signs of aging.

It's also been rated as safest with the EWG’s green rating of 2. That means you can have peace of mind while you use this peptide-packed eye serum to help restore your youthful contours. And you can do it all without fearing those needles!

Argireline benefits for skin begin when you start using it twice daily in your skincare ritual. Cleanse your skin first, then pamper it by dabbing this eye serum onto your skin. Take the time to gently tap it on and let this revolutionary peptide work its magic!