Lets take a look back on what the latest fads were back in the day.

    Beauty and wellness trends have made a drastic shift since the 90's! From the diet culture to the beauty standards, there is a stark contrast between now and back then.

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Beauty and Wellness Trends : 90's vs Now


25 years ago a revolutionary all-natural skincare line was born- founded by a French esthetician who believed in the healing power of botanicals and all-natural ingredients. "We remain unmatched - and more in-demand than ever before—because of our unwavering commitment to superior quality ingredients sourced from around the world and revolutionary technology focused on getting our clients results without the toxicity,” said Anisha Khanna, CEO, Sonäge Skincare.

In celebration of this milestone, let’s take it back to the 90’s and see the trends that were popular in diet, cosmetics, wellness, and skincare! We will take a look back at what characterized the 90’s- The Cookie Diet, applying glitter like it was sunscreen, and even Russel Simmons! This is your complete 90’s guide to help get your nostalgia on and realize how far we have come since the trend of the over-tweezed eyebrows.  

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Diet: 90’s: In the 90’s deprivation was all the rage- “no-carb” this and “low-fat” that it seems as if people were living off of air and Meal Replacement Shakes. People were all about wanting results NOW and would go to bizarre extremes to “drop 30 lbs in 30 days”. Diets such as the Lemonade Diet, The Cabbage Diet, The Cookie Diet were all centered around the extreme restriction and were often really hard to stick to. By participating in these drastic diets people were actually sabotaging themselves by messing up their metabolism by going on these “quick-fix” diet plans.

Now: People are now leaving diets in the past and moving on to intuitive eating, which is an approach developed to help heal people from their chronic dieting” and all of the effects that it has had on their bodies. An intuitive eater is, “someone who makes food choices without experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma”, an intuitive eater is someone who makes their food choices in order to nourish their bodies not deprive them, and honors the practice of feeding your body, respects fullness and finds pleasure in eating.        

Cosmetics: 90’s: Beauty has changed dramatically since the 90’s, beauty was all about the skinny brows, porcupine updos with an array of colorful butterfly clips, body glitter and frosted eyeshadow. People weren’t as concerned about the ingredients that make up their products, in fact the more artificial, the more glitter the better! 

Now: We are now in the era of flaunting our natural beauty! Thick full brows, light foundation, freckles, and our swapping roll-on body glitter for our inner glow are the hottest trends. The beauty industry has taken a turn and is now all about your inner beauty reflecting in your outer beauty- we want the natural, bold, fresh you and nothing less!     

Wellness: 90’s: From Richard Simmons to the infamous Ab Roller wellness was all about go, go,go. People were always on-the-go and the busier you are the better! Wellness was looked at as how much can you can fit in during the day- how many classes you could get in at your local gym and how many coffees you could score in the meantime. Caffeine was seen as a form of self-care and taking some time for some R&R was a forgein concept.

Now: Self-care has now become an essential part of our daily routines, and thank god for that! We have learned of the importance of taking some time to relax and reflect and how slowing down is the only way to get ahead. Wellness is something that is such an important part of our lives, with retreats, crystals, and sage we are now putting a huge emphasis on taking the time out to take care of ourselves.   

Skincare: 90’s: In the 90’s tanning and chemicals were all the rage, people would spend countless hours in tanning beds then hop out and smother some chemical-filled shimmer body lotion on and call it a day. People weren’t as conscious about what they were putting on their bodies or the effects that these harsh chemicals would have on not only our external body but internally as well. 

Now: Thankfully, we are evolving, albeit slowly, past the days of synthetic products and have come into the golden age for natural, chemical-free, non-toxic skin care. We have collectively become more conscious of what we are putting on our skin every day and the types of ingredients that are in our products. Skincare is even being seen as the new makeup, skincare based beauty regimens is a trend about solely using skincare products instead of makeup - and is all about enhancing your natural beauty by using products that make you look and feel your best!    

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