Designed in a festive keepsake box, behind each door you’ll find everything a skincare lover needs/wants/deserves including moisturizers, serums, face oil, masks, eye creams, exfoliants, mists and tools.

    It contains over $500 worth of Sonage bestsellers for just $149, including 10 full-size and 3 travel-size items.

    This calendar supports Harmony House, an Indian non-profit that runs vocational beautician courses to help underserved communities obtain professional training to have a better future.

Beauty & Skincare Advent Calendars - Why It's The Best Gift!

With Christmas coming up fast, holiday gifts are surely on your mind. The best beauty gifts for skincare lovers is an advent calendar full of amazing skin-loving treats. Here’s why you should put it on your list!

When and  How did advent calendars transform into diverse beauty and skincare treats?

Advent calendars became a Christmas tradition in the early 1900s. It wasn’t until the late 1950s though that these countdowns to Christmas started containing chocolate.

Often a sweet treat for kids, it would help everyone mark the days until the holiday. Each day, a new treat could be opened from the cardboard slot. 

Today though, advent calendars come in more varieties than simply containing chocolate. There are ones that have wine, hot sauce, and best of all, beauty products. Christmas skincare and holiday skincare gift guides feature advent beauty calendars. The ones with skincare treats are the ultimate gift to give someone this year with the most coveted skincare products for the healthiest skin.  

Advent Calendar

Are beauty advent calendars worth it?

When you look at getting the best beauty gift for someone, you often have to pick and choose to fit your budget. That means limiting your choices to one or two things. But with a holiday skincare set like a beauty advent calendar, it gives you more bang for your buck. 

When you compare the retail price vs what you’re paying, you can stay within budget and give one of the best beauty holiday gifts ever. Each day, you can open a new skincare item from the box. 

Beauty Advent Calendar

What's in Sonage Skincare Holiday Advent Calendar?

The Beauty Advent Calendar by Sonage comes in a gorgeous keepsake box and provides that value you’re looking for without the high price tag. It's the best gift for skincare lovers. With over $500 worth of products for just $149, you can treat yourself to the most beloved Sonage products plus newer innovations. 

You’ll find serums, face oil, moisturizers, masks, mists, exfoliants, eye creams, and skincare tools. There are 10 full-size items plus 3 travel-size ones, marking the 2 weeks before Christmas with beauty treats every beauty lover will adore. There is a limited quantity, so hurry and get yours right now. 

Best of all, when you buy one of these beauty advent calendars, you open the doors to discovering and exploring Sonage's bestsellers, expert-curated products with effective ingredients. That’s a lot of treats for the holidays, all that will boost your skin in the most beautiful of ways!

The Sonage Beauty Advent Calendar includes:

  1. Glow To Go - At Home Resurfacing Exfoliant & Peel
  2. Lumenez Vitamin Rich Cream - Rich, Restorative Moisturizer
  3. Zitlox Salicylic Acne Gel - Clears & Prevents Acne
  4. Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil - Seals Moisture & Intensely Hydrates 
  5. Hydrating Mist - Leaves Skin Refreshed & Dewy
  6. C Shield Smart Serum - Fades Dark Spots & Shields Blue Light
  7. Collagen Boosting Serum - Plumps, Rejuvenates & Hydrates 
  8. High Endurance Cream - Combats Aging & Calms Redness
  9. Luster Eye Cream - Targets Puffiness, Dark Circles, & Wrinkles
  10. Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask - Visibly Firms & Lifts Skin
  11. A Plus Longevity Complex - Boosts Elasticity & Improves Texture
  12. Vegan Bristle Mask Brush - For Flawless Product Application 
  13. Baby Frioz Mini Icy Globes - Reduce Under Eye Bags & Facial Puffiness

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