The winter time can be gruesome on your skin, especially dry skin so it's important to keep your skin hydrated during this season

    Using the right products will ensure that your skin is properly moisturized during tough seasons. A rich, formulated creme will help keep your skin's moisture barrier secured, while also providing hydration

    Hydrating Cleanser, Lumenez Vitamin Rich Creme

Moisturizer For Normal to Dry Skin

Quench your skin's thirst this winter with Lumenez Vitamin Rich Crème—our rich and velvety moisturizer.

Winter brings us many familiar joys—but, the drop in temperature has an enormous impact on the health of our skin. From dryness and flakiness to tightness and redness, the winter weather leaves our skin less able to protect itself—making it crave moisture more than ever. This can lead to dehydration, dullness and roughness. Getting rid of the dryness and older layers of skin helps, so it’s important to stick to regular exfoliation, within reason. Too much exfoliation can rid the skin of its moisture barrier. This barrier is made up of your own cells and lipids, and is responsible for keeping moisture in the skin. Keeping the moisture barrier intact while battling cold weather is no easy feat. 


The answer? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

You should always keep your body and skin hydrated, but during winter it's especially important. In the cold weather we usually make sure to layer up, we grab the extra sweaters, scarves and cute booties from our closets, but our faces generally go the most unprotected, leaving them vulnerable to the dry, cold air. The first step to skin hydration: your cleanser. Some cleansers can strip the skin of natural oils and moisture—especially if they contain sulfate—leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. A cleanser should leave your skin feeling soft and supple. If you’re feeling the winter weather dryness, it may be time to protect your face and start using a hydrating cleanser. Ours contains hazelnut for optimum hydration and jojoba oil to reduce water loss, keeping the skin’s moisture where it belongs. Beyond a cleanser, the number one solution people turn to for their newfound winter dry skin is: moisturizing.


Apply smarter, not harder!

Many of us make the mistake of simply slathering on extra layers of moisturizer to combat the dryness, but your skin can only absorb so much of a product. Instead of using more of the same product, make the switch to something richer and more hydrating. Most of our moisturizers are designed to absorb quickly into the skin, but our Lumenez Vitamin Rich Crème, sits on the skin for longer than our traditional moisturizers to restore even the most dehydrated skin. Moving from a lighter moisturizer to a rich crème in the winter can be the answer to your dryness, as the ingredients in crèmes are more hydrating and form a physical barrier that trap moisture in the skin. 


What's REALLY Inside this Moisturizer?

Remember that moisture barrier we mentioned before? As a natural emollient, Lumenez provides a lipid barrier with triglycerides, vitamins and antioxidants—perfect for sensitive, dry, mature or dehydrated skin conditions. The best part? Orange blossom provides a refreshing scent while also promoting cell renewal. Lumenez contains vitamins and antioxidants derived from 19 active botanical ingredients, to reveal softer and smoother skin. The Lumenez Winter Skincare Saviors: Sweet Almond Oil is an immune booster that moisturizes and heals. Avocado Oil is one of the richest sources of fatty acids, and boosts collagen. Hazelnut Oil is high in Vitamin E and helps your skin look visibly radiant. Evening Primrose Oil packed with Omega-6 fatty acids is crucial for healthy skin. Orchid Flower retains moisture, fights free radicals and renews the skin Ginseng contains a large amount of phytonutrients, which activates the skin’s metabolism, thereby diminishing wrinkles or fine lines. Vitamin C smoothes and brightens the skin. Aroma Profile Orange Blossom is stimulating, toning and brightens the skin. With a richer crème, it’s especially important not to over-apply the product. A little can go a long way in rehydrating the skin. Hydrate, illuminate.


"Yeeaayyy, my skin is so HAPPY!!! Winter can be hard on your skin - my solution is @sonageskincare; what’s yours?"

— Nina Vargas (@ninabvargas), Editor in Chief, The LA Fashion Magazine