Benefits of cryo facial therapy

    There are many benefits that come with cryo facial therapy that will improve the appearance of your skin

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Can You Benefit from Cryo Facial Therapy?

Cryo facial therapies are quite an efficient way to help your skin feel rejuvenated and young. It helps to tighten and brighten the skin in a quick and hassle-free manner. They augment blood flow to the face. This helps to make your skin look healthier and more plump.

For the newbies to cryo facial, also playfully known as frotox, it is the process of freezing your face, i.e. applying extreme chillness to your face using cold facial tools and/or liquid nitrogen. In the conventional, spa routine of cryo facial therapy, machine-operated device safely pumps liquid nitrogen onto the face, which is said to benefit tremendously, especially for anti-aging.

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Cryo facial therapies, despite done in a spa or skin clinic, are pretty much a noninvasive cosmetic procedure. Unlike treatments, like peels and microdermabrasion, these won’t leave your skin looking red or raw. Unless you are pregnant or nursing, you can take this treatment professionally as you please without having a need to consult your doctor.

While a single session of cryo facial therapy may cost anywhere between $50-$200 on an average depending on the salon or clinic you are opting for, a simpler, more convenient, and less expensive form of cryo facial therapy is using ice globes and ice rollers, like Baby Frioz or Sonage's Frioz Icy Globes, on your skin and including icing massage as part of your skincare regime.

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It's highly recommended to get cryo facial therapy once in a while, but continue doing icing facial massage as part of your skincare regime. Irrespective of whether you are doing it by yourself or professionally in a salon, the treatment will barely take 10-20 minutes and can be easily incorporated into your everyday schedule.

Some of the key benefits of cryo facial therapy are:

  • Regulation of blood flow: When the ice is rubbed on your face or when your face is frozen depending on the type of facial you are opting for, your blood vessels contract and your pores tighten. Once your face comes to a normal temparature, your blood vessels dilate and overall blood flow to your face gets regulated.
  • Reduction of facial fine lines and pores: Cooling your face helps in reducing the finelines on your face and also in reduction of your pore size. If you are someone who suffers from enlarged pores, finelines, and age lines, cryo therapy helps in reducing the same.
  • Minimisation of inflammation: Any skin inflammation caused by sun burns, microdermabrasion, or any other treatments can be easily resolved and minimised by cryo facial therapy and icing massages.
  • Improvement in Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms: Various studies have proved that in case of atopiv dermatitis and other skin disorders, cryo facial therapy have played a tremendous role in improving one's skin health.
  • Reduction of acne: Exposing sebaceous glands to freezing temperatures reduced sebum production and this in turn reduces acne breakouts and other skin concerns like blackheads and whiteheads. This will eventually result in you having a glass skin.

Apart from skincare and facial benefits, cryo facial therapy also reduces headaches, especially migraine, stress, neck and shoulder pain, and other lifestyle based muscular aches and stress. If done with proper guidance and care and with proper tools, cryo facial therapy can be the most beneficial skincare massage/therapy that you are doing.

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Finally, the best part of cryo facial therapy is that using special tools like Sonage's Baby Frioz and an eye cream, you can also stimulate the area around your eyes and depuff eye bags and reduce dark circles, which isn't possible in other skincare treatments like peels or microdermabrasion. So, what are you waiting for? Choose to try cryo facial therapy right away.

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