Ice Globes are a sophisticated way to depuff and soothe the skin

    Incorporating a facial massager routine will aid in depuffing and soothing the skin. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and renewed, while also helping with inflammation. It also reduces pore sizes and redness, leaving you with a natural glow to your skin.

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Complete Guide For Ice Globes Facial Massage

Do you remember those times when you threw a spoon in the fridge and gave yourself a cool, refreshing face massage with a spoon on your undereyes to get rid of the puffiness? Well, the elevated, risk free, and sophisticated version of that DIY is here, and it's called the ice globes. From celebrities to beauty influencers, people across the world are going gaga over a cool facial massage and seem to swear by the fact that the best face sculpting massage tool out there is the ice globe. Usage of ice or even ice cold water is considered to improve the skin texture significantly. Now, with regular usage of ice globes for face massage therapy one can get perfect, glass-like skin.

What are ice globes for? What are some of the benefits of ice globe face massager? 

A good face massage therapy always leaves one rejuvenated both mentally as well as physically. The whole calmness, rejuvenation, and relaxation are the major reasons for a lot of people to opt for facial and spa packages. Now, you can have that refreshing feel by using an ice globe face massager tool. Apart from soothing your skin, ice globe facial massager helps in reducing the puffiness under your eyes and minimising any inflammation on your face. Furthermore, face wand massagers help in lymphatic drainage and in relieving sinus pressure. Regular usage of a globe facial massager reduces pore size and redness. In short, your face has a radiant glow when you use a good pair of ice globes massager regularly.

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Do ice globes actually work?

The ice globes' cooling feeling can lessen skin irritation, which can lessen swelling and redness. In addition to helping blood vessels contract, the cool temperature can also lessen the appearance of broken capillaries and dark circles beneath the eyes. Rolling the ice globes over the skin in a massage-like motion can also assist to increase blood circulation, which can enhance the skin's general health and appearance. After applying skincare products to the face, placing ice globes on it can assist to lock in the active components and improve their absorption by the skin. 

Ice globes should not be applied to injured or inflamed skin, and they should only be used sparingly to prevent irritation from the cold. If you have any worries, speak with a dermatologist.
Ice globes can be a helpful tool in your skincare routine, but you should only use them as instructed and in conjunction with other skincare products.

When should you use ice globes?

Using ice globes after cleansing or exfoliating is recommended if you want to reduce redness since the cold temperature can assist to constrict blood vessels, which can lessen the appearance of broken capillaries and redness in the skin.
Using ice globes after applying skincare products can help to lock in the active components and promote their penetration into the skin if you're wanting to improve the penetration of skincare products.

How to choose the best pair of ice globes? Which Ice Globe is best?

Owing to its popularity, the ice globes are abundantly available. You must remember that these face wand massagers are an investment; therefore, you should choose to buy from a trustworthy brand. Secondly, the material used should be 100% glass. Do not opt for ice globes that contain any kind of plastic in it as it's harmful for both your skin as well as the environment. The next important aspect you must consider is that the wand must be strudy enough for you to hold, while the globe must be smooth enough to glide through your skin. Sonage's Frioz Icy Globes Facial Massager is smooth, strudy, and convenient to use under your eyes as well as all over your face.

How to prepare your ice globes facial massager?

Preparing your ice globes for a cool facial massage is quite easy, and it involves just two steps:

  1. Spray some sanitizer or even plain water and cleanse the ice globes gently. Wipe it dry with a soft, clean cloth.
  2. Now place the ice globes in the refrigerator. You can either place the ice globes overnight or you can keep them in for as low as 15-30 minutes before every usage.

How To Use Ice Globes? How to give yourself the best massage and facial spa experience using ice globes?

The major reason why facial massages give instant results is because they apply pressure on the key acupressure points, thus making the blood and nutrients flow even in congested areas. When you start to include ice globes in your skincare regime, the results you get from your face massage is increased incredibly owing to the touch of cold temperatures on your pressure points.

The two types of massages that you can give yourselves using ice globes are the skin lifting massage and the lymphatic drainage massage.

  • Skin lifting massage: if you are looking for an anti-aging, face lifting massage, look no further than the ice globe facial massager. By using upward and outward motions starting from your neck, you can gently lift and massage your skin. When you reach your cheeks, use an upward, diagonal motion to lift those finelines and wrinkles off your face. This kind of massage work well around your eyes as well by reducing the puffiness and finelines.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage: this is also known as face contouring massage or face slimming massage, which helps to drain the toxic fluid from your lymphatic nodes, thus making your skin fresh and rejuvenated. By using downward and outward motions around the contours of your face and neck, you can use the ice globes to gently massage your face.

What products should you use with the ice globes?

While the cold temperature and the smoothness of ice globes massager are very beneficial, it is advisable to always use a good facial oil like Sonage's Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil while massaging the face and to use an eye cream like Sonage's Luster Eye Cream while massaging the area around the eyes.

What are you waiting for? Order a pair of ice globes now and whenever your face is tired, dull, or simply needs some refreshment, give yourself a good and cold ice globe massage therapy.

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