Toner is a skincare product that is used on the face after cleansing and prior to moisturizing.

    Toner cleanses the skin while minimizing the look of pores. It can help moisturize, refresh, and protect skin while priming it for your following skincare steps.

    Facial Rinse, Hydrating Rinse

Does Toner Help Your Moisturizer Absorb Better?

Toners were once brimming with alcohol which dried out skin. However, today’s toners have eliminated this drying ingredient and have undergone a makeover of their own, becoming far more gentle and beneficial to your skincare routine.

Now using a toner in your skincare regimen is an important step you shouldn’t skip. Does toner help moisturizer absorb better though? Learn the benefits of toner and see how it’s going to help you have your best skin!

How Toner Helps Your Skin

Using toner can help your moisturizer absorb better and do so many other great things for your complexion. This is how toner benefits your skin and why you’ll want to put it into your routine ASAP.

- It cleanses more deeply

In K-beauty, that double cleanse is credited for gorgeously glowing skin. Toner can help you achieve this with ease. It helps remove any leftover traces of makeup, dirt, oil, and debris that your cleanser may have missed, leaving your skin feeling even more refreshed and clean.

- Toner balances your complexion

While cleansing is an important step, even the most gentle cleansers can strip away the things your skin needs. With a toner added to your routine, it can restore your skin with those nutrients, leaving it softer and smoother.

- It balances your pH levels too

Your skin is naturally at a pH level of 4.7 which is acidic. If you use a cleanser that is alkaline, you can disrupt your skin’s balance and cause it to become dry, oily, or irritated. Using a toner helps bring that balance back immediately.

- Toner helps your skin absorb your other products

And yes, toner helps moisturizer absorb better. When you apply products to dry skin, it only stays on the surface. Toner serves to keep the skin hydrated, which allows your moisturizer to penetrate your skin where it’s needed most.

Your skin is like a sponge. If you put water on a dry sponge, it just sits on top and won’t go to the bottom layers. But if the sponge is wet, the water you add on top soaks all the way through. Hence, you shouldn’t skip toner if you want your moisturizer to really do its job properly.

Which Toner Should You Use?

To help your skin soak up that goodness from your moisturizer, use Facial Rinse by Sonage. This calming toner balances, refreshes, and gives your skin a healthy glow. Thanks to over 15 botanicals, this alcohol-free formula helps you bring back that natural balance and preps it for your moisturizing step.

Facial Rinse

Aloe vera along with extracts of burdock root, calendula flower, rosemary, sage, leaf, thyme, yarrow, and other calming ingredients will leave you feeling perfectly refreshed. With a green rating of 2 by the EWG, it’s a safe choice to make to add this toner in between your cleansing and moisturizing steps!

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