Protecting your skin from harmful UV Rays involves more than just wearing sunscreen.

    From planning out your exposure days to wearing foundations with SPF, it is always better to be safe than sorry! Although you cannot see any differences now, long term effects can hurt your skin when not using SPF.

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Enjoying The Sun Safely with Natural Sunscreen For Face

Sun exposure in the summer is something that is on all of our minds. Keeping our skin looking and feeling its best is a tricky dance with extended sun exposure. With the longer days, our exposure to UV radiation increases, and with that comes the potential for damaging effects on our skin and health. How can we keep having fun in the sun and be safe at the same time? Easy… using sun protection! A natural zinc oxide sunscreen is an effective step but not the only step needed to maintain healthy skin. Learning how to read and keep track of UV levels while you are out and about this summer is an essential step to lasting, healthy skin.

zinc oxide sunscreen

UV rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that stems from the sun and can have perverse effects on our skin and health. Just like the weather, UV radiation doesn’t stay the same throughout the day. The UV Index is a chart that was established to help measure the UV levels during the day and convey that information so we can keep ourselves educated and safe.

 UV Index Chart

0 - 2
3 - 5
6 - 7
8 - 10
Very High
11> Extreme


The UV Index Apps: With a little help from technology, we can now keep track of the UV exposure we are getting, at the same time that it takes you to unlock our phone. Applications like Eclipse, UV Index, and UVLens are apps you can download on your phone to help you keep track of when and where you should re-apply your sun protection. Check the current radiation level and plan out your week with a 7-day UV forecast at your fingertips. Keeping track of the UV radiation levels throughout the day is an efficient way to make sure you are being proactive in your skin's health. 

Makeup: Once you're out of the house it might be tricky to reapply throughout the day- especially without ruining your makeup. A great hack for maintaining significant sun protection and looking your best is to use a foundation that has SPF in it. That way when the UV exposure is increasing you are able to touch up the SPF and your look at the same time! However, it is not enough to wear just SPF in your cosmetics- making sure you use a primary sunscreen in your morning routine in addition to the SPF in your makeup is an easy way to make sure you are armored up and ready to take on the summer rays!  

Apple Hack: Another UV exposure hack lies in one of our favorite tech toys, our iPhones! Find your current UV exposure in the weather app on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple products make it easy to access your current UV Index and maintain your sun protection routine.   

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