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    Face oils are made with botanical and essential oils that won’t clog pores, delivering plant extracts and antioxidants to skin, body and hair.

    Multi-tasking products are a great way to downsize your collection while saving you time and money with minimal effort on your beauty routine

    Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil

Facial Oil: Your Money Saving Multitasker

Overflowing bathroom shelves with copious amounts of skincare products- sounds familiar, right? So how do we reduce the numbers of bottles and jars on our shelves? Well, the short answer is: multitasking skincare products!

Multitasking skincare products not only work to get the job done quickly when it comes to skin care, makeup and hair care, but they’re better for the planet, too. The less stuff you buy means less stuff goes to landfill and you spend less money. It’s a win-win – and you still get to look and feel your best at the same time!

Facial Oil is a smart and easy way to start your money saving journey. Facial oils are known for hydrating ingredients designed to fight dryness and leave skin feeling supple. If you’ve found the kind that works for you – you’ve hit the jackpot. Why? Because you don’t just have to use it on the face. Read on to find out some tried and tested unusual ways in which you can use your facial oil and make the most out of it. 

  1. Doubles as a Scalp Oil

When it comes to face oils, argan oil is a great choice for moisturizing. It’s often in haircare products too for the very same reason! That’s certainly the case for marula oil too, another common hair oil ingredient that pulls double-duty for skin. Something else that will stimulate your skin and hair is rosemary oil. It has long been used in hair treatments to improve scalp circulation, and it does so with the skin too, bringing oxygen where it is needed for a healthy glow. 

  1. Mix with Foundation:

Not in the mood for a full coverage foundation but only have a full coverage foundation? No worries, facial oil is here for your rescue. Adding in a few drops of facial oil to your foundation is a great way to make it sheer and moisturizing. Added bonus – it will give you a gorgeous dewy finish. 

  1. Treat Split Ends or for Styling:

Facial oil is a great way to tackle dry hair and split ends. It will give your hair a glossy shine. You can also use it to style your hair the way you desire. Use a few drops of facial oil to lightly go over your hair – it will add an instant shine and your hair will look more polished! This trick is really handy to use on those days you are in a mad rush. 

  1. Lip Balm Primer

Patting a little facial oil on your lips after you wash your face in the morning and then sealing it in with a lip balm will make your lips feel hydrated and you won’t feel the need to reapply balm as often. 

  1. Apply on sunburned skin

Many of us are guilty of skipping the use of sunscreen on our body which offers a lot of protection. However, have no fear, there's a solution for everything. If you do get sunburned, just apply a bit of facial oil to the area. It will help heal your skin and prevent it from peeling. 

  1. Cuticle Oil

Dry cuticle beds can be more painful than we give it credit. Apply a drop or two at the cuticle bed for moisturized hands and it will also keep your manicure looking fresh and clean. The fatty acids in a facial oil go right at the dry, undernourished area of the cuticle bed to moisturize it making it a good cuticle oil alternative. 

  1. Use with Body Lotion

The blend of your regular lotion and a facial oil will seal the skin with moisture, from day to night. Not to mention, mixing the oil with the lotion, warms up the product and makes applying it far easier. 

  1. Brow groomer

A little dab of facial oil with your finger across your brows will make them appear shiny and soft and help you tame them in the direction you want them to be. 

  1. Makeup Remover

Oil helps dissolves makeup and sunblock—without any of the surfactants or harsh ingredients. This means that your face gets a super-deep clean, without any "stripping," or disruption of the skin. Apply the oil before wetting your face. Use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into your skin for several seconds to a minute to remove impurities like makeup and dead skin cells and allow the oil to penetrate. Use a damp, warm washcloth to gently wipe away the oil and follow it up with your favorite cleanser. 

If you want to have a money saving multi-tasking oil, reach for Vitality Nourishing Oil by Sonage. It features a blend of 10 essential dry oils, such as Argan oil, Marula oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil and Sunflower Oil.  These work together to seal in moisture for skin and hair too, leaving you with intense hydration and a glowing look, all without any greasy feeling. This gluten-free formula is great for anyone looking to boost hydration and radiance for skin and hair. Plus, it is rated safest by the EWG so you can be confident you’re only letting good things come into contact with your body in the name of beauty!