Sun damage can be repairable! Here is how you can reverse sun damaged skin

    Sun damaged skin can happen when you are constantly out without any sun protection. If this happens and you end up with a sun burn or sun rashes, we've created a guide to help you reverse the damage

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Five ways to reverse sun damage

Irrespective of whether one likes to get tanned or not, one thing that we all want to avoid is sun damage. While wearing a good SPF with constant reapplication and a good cover-up might help us prevent sun damage, we might all wonder what if we do get sun damage, sun burn, or sun rashes? Is the damage reversible? 

Can You Reverse Sun Damage? 

While cellular DNA damage and skin cancer caused by sun exposure isn't reversible, the good news is that the aesthetic effects of sun damage, including hyperpigmentation, melasma, uneven skintone, etc can be improved and/or healed significantly. 

Regular exposure to sun causes both aesthetic as well as cellular damage to your skin. Irrespective of the level of sun damage your skin is facing currently, you have to start working first on prevention from further damage by opting for a lightweight mineral sunscreen like Sonage's Protec Plus Mineral Sunscreen. Prevention is always easier and better than reversal especially when it comes to sun damage. This sunscreen has broad spectrum UV protection along with water resistance to keep your skin protected from harmful radiations of the sun. Additionally, opt for sunglasses with UV protection and a wide hat when venturing out in the sun. Now that we know how to prevent and protect ourselves from sun damage, let's look at ways to repair and heal existing sun damage on the skin.  

How to Reverse Sun-Damaged Skin? 

Reversing sun damage is a process. Depending on skin type, skin tone, the amount of sun damage, and type of sun damage, here are five ways to reverse sun damage:

  1. Including Collagen booster serums in your skincare: One of the common forms of sun damage is the age spots and wrinkles. Sun exposure also is known to make one look more aged. Collagen is a protein that is produced in our body. This is essential to keep our skin radiant, youthful looking, and supple. If you are in your mid-twenties or older, start including collagen serums like Sonage's Vegan Collagen Boosting Serum in your everyday skincare routine. This will help in not only reversing sun damages like wrinkles, fine lines, etc., but will also help in augmenting your overall skin health.
  2. Chemical and physical exfoliation: The most common and visible form of sun damage is the uneven tanning and pigmentation. To reverse this damage, the best way is to exfoliate your skin. While facial scrubs are a good start as physical exfoliation removes some dead skin cells and pigmentation, using chemical peels like glycolic acid peel pads are known to give better and quicker results in reversing pigmentation and dark spots. Make sure to use chemical exfoliation only in the nights or if used in morning, top it up with ample amount of sunscreen.
  3. Add vitamin C to your skincare regime: This super ingredient works for sun damage like magic. Vitamin C is known to repair sun damage and block further damage by neutralizing the free radicals. A high impact vitamin C serum is said to repair, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin well.
  4. Use nourishing face masks: While this step is by itself may not yield significant results, when used along with chemical exfoliation and/or vitamin C serum, face masks like vitamin masks or clay masks help in reducing the aesthetic sun damage and in protecting skin from further damage.
  5. Opt for hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and other hydrating and brightening serums: Certain serums bring in a good hydration to your skin that helps in reducing the age spots, wrinkles, and finelines that have been caused by the sun exposure. These serums reduce pigment production and improve skin elasticity. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start healing your sun damaged skin now and make sure that you reapply SPF even in cloudy days to make sure that your skin doesn't suffer further sun damage.

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