5 Remedies for quick soothing sunburn relief, according to Sonage Estheticians

    Sometimes despite our best efforts, sunburns happen. Nothing can reverse a sunburn, however these products can bring you some cooling relief and will help to heal the sunburn faster.

    Soothing Mist, NMF Hyaluronic Serum, Frioz Icy Globes, Laserine Botanica Salve, Protec Plus Mineral Sunscreen

Get Rid of Sunburn Redness

While it’s important to protect your skin from the sun year-round, it’s especially important during summer, as the UV rays are stronger, and you’re more likely to soak them in.

Wearing (and reapplying) a good sunscreen, as well as investing in good protective clothing and hats is crucial to keep your skin healthy and your summer fun. However, despite our best efforts, sunburns happen from time to time, and they can be very uncomfortable.

When your skin is compromised – less is more. Sunburned skin is inflamed skin, which means that any products that could further inflame the skin should be avoided, no scrubs, no exfoliating acids or retinols till your skin starts to heal.

Nothing can reverse a sunburn but these products can bring you some cooling relief and will help to heal the sunburn faster.

Wet a washcloth, spray it with Soothing Mist and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Apply this cold compress to your sunburn, this will expedite healing and soothe the skin. Soothing Mist contains aloe vera and matricaria with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which prevents itching and irritation, making it great for applying on sunburns.

Follow with NMF Hyaluronic Serum that works well to retain moisture and prevent water loss through the compromised skin. Using NMF 3-4 times a day helps restore hydration for quicker healing. NMF also contains polyphenols like green tea, which are naturally anti-inflammatory to the skin.

Use the Frioz Ice Globes for some instant relief – it helps absorb some of the heat in the skin caused by the sunburn, which in turn helps to decrease inflammation. Put the ice globes in your fridge for 20-30 minutes slather on some NMF and gently glide the globes over the sunburned areas for relief and cooling.

Frioz Icy Globes

Finally put Laserine Botanical Salve on your blisters (not the entire burn). It’s a really good protective barrier so it will help the skin heal without the band aid adhesive.

And next time remember your Protec Plus Mineral Sunscreen, a lightweight, natural mineral sunscreen with Zinc Oxide with SPF 30 that provides broad-spectrum protection against free radicals generated by UV exposure.

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