How To Maintain Your Healthy Glow During The Holiday Season

Certified nutritionist and fitness model Lauren Berlingeri shares her tips on how to keep your mind, body and skin glowing throughout the holidays.

When did exercising, and self care in general, become a passion of yours? When I realized that all I really want is to feel good and look good, for me. I've modeled for over 13 years and for some reason, when you're ordered to stay thin and look a certain way, then it comes with a heavy feeling. But when you do it for yourself, and experience that working out and self care is an automatic way to feel great, then the pressure falls away and it becomes something you want to give to yourself.

With the holiday season right around the corner, does your daily skin regimen change? I believe that your skin is a reflection of what's happening on your insides. You have to take care of yourself by eating clean, whole foods, not stressing, detoxing and ultimately being happy. When you implement these healthy habits your skin will thank you with a glow that doesn't lie. Your skin is your largest organ and it's on the outside of your body, so a direct way to take care would be cleansing, brushing, massaging, exfoliating and moisturizing. I do all of the above everyday and sometimes a little extra when there is a holiday or an event that I want to look good for.

Do you have any tips for eating healthy at holiday parties? Yes. Don't go to the parties starving! Make sure to eat something healthy and small before you go so you're not stuck eating foods that don't serve you. That will leave you feeling tired and miserable.

How do you stay fit and look your best throughout the holiday season? One of my biggest beauty secrets is using infrared saunas. It detoxifies and purifies my body and skin like nothing else I've ever used. It also cleans your pores by deep sweating and oxygenating your blood. Infared saunas rebuild collagen on top of all that and much more. It makes me feel so good that it shows through in my glowing skin.

What is one thing you absolutely avoid at this time of year? Energy Vampires... meaning negative or toxic people. Unless someone is coming to me for help to feel better, I try and avoid people who are not conscious of their low frequencies and desire to bring people down with them.

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, what are you grateful for? Everything... I think that's one of the biggest factors that contributes to your happiness is being thankful. A wise person once said that being happy doesn't make you thankful, being thankful makes you happy. Lauren Berlingeri is a Canadian host, fitness expert and international model. She is also a certified holistic nutritionist and health coach with a popular web series "Woman vs. Workout". Lauren launched Higher Dose in 2015 to focus her passion of live life to the fullest, pushing her own boundaries and those of others as she explores ways to deliver a natural hight. Keep up with Lauren on Facebook and Instagram.