How To Master Time Management During The Holiday Season

Carving out time in your busy schedule for a solid workout can be tough most days, but during the holidays - what with shopping, cooking, attending parties, hosting guests - it can be almost impossible. Being pretty fitness obsessed ourselves, the Sonäge team turned to Fit Crush NYC founder and fitness guru Joe Ardito to get his thoughts on how to work in the much-needed workouts during this festive season. Here are his stay-fit tips:

Prioritize what means the most to you: - It can be tough to make time for fitness during the holiday season, but that's when your body needs it the most. - If you work out you will be less likely to indulge in that second helping of apple or pumpkin pie. - Sticking to your workout regimen helps you look your best for holiday parties. - Don't wait for your New Year's Resolutions to kick in, start your healthy habits now.

Be selective when choosing your activities: - Pick activities that are time efficient. Instead of going to a 90-minute yoga class, choose the 60-minute class. - Select a class or a gym that is in close proximity to your work or home. - Choose activities that burn a lot of calories and that use a lot of muscles. Cardio circuits, cross training, super setting, interval training, multi-jointed exercises that require serious amount of energy and burn more calories all allow for maximum time management.

Plan ahead: - Don't wait until the morning to pack your gym bag, pack your bag the night before. - Instead of having a lazy Sunday afternoon, set yourself up for success. Make your lunch for the week with fresh and healthy ingredients. This will help you steer clear of the office holiday treats.

Schedule your fitness regiment directly into your calendar: - Don't let your workout be the afterthought in your holiday calendar planning. Make sure that scheduling exercise is your priority, then add everything else around it.

Turn a social date into a workout date: - Incorporate a social date into your regime by choosing a class or fitness activity that you both enjoy and workout together. Hit the gym or book a class, and then go do your holiday shopping together. As December kicks off, use some (or all!) of these pieces of expert advice to set yourself up for a fabulous holiday season. Joe Ardito is founder of Fit Crush NYC, based in New York City, which offers customized, one-on-one, bootcamp-style personal training sessions that pay strict attention to improving posture, core strength and flexibility. Ardito trains with a roster of top executives and high profile clients. As seen in Details, Daily Burn and Huffington Post. For more inspiration, check out Fit Crush NYC on Instagram.