Using the right moisturizer each season will help your skin retain its proper hydration

    If you don’t have enough time or money to switch your whole facial skincare routine, switching your moisturizers will get the job done just as well. Getting a moisturizer that fits the season will help your skin retain the moisture that it needs

    Lumenez Vitamin Rich Creme, Botanica Souffle Creme

How To Transition From Winter to Summer Moisturizers

New Moisturizer, New Mood 

The longer days, shorter nights & you canceling that zoom workout class you signed up for in January, all mark the return of spring and that time to transition from your winter to summer moisturizer. Recovering from 2020 might be a little difficult but recovering your skin from those harsh winter months is a little more doable with help from products such as our Botanica Souffle Creme. Don’t have the time or resources to transition your whole routine? We get it! You can make little changes and switch out specific products to best tailor your skincare routine for the season and most importantly you! 


Botanica vs Lumenez: 

Nothing is more symbolic of winter than that raw, tightening feeling your skin gets the second you walk out the door. Saturating your skin with a rich, packed moisturizer such as the Lumenez Vitamin Rich Creme, is important in order to restore dehydrated skin. The infusion of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, help to combat those dry, patchy areas on your skin by drenching them in reparative and restorative properties. Winter is all about packing on the clothes, warmth and products to comfort the skin during those dry transitional months. Maintaining that optimal glow and luminosity to the skin is our main goal all-year round but depending on each season and the needs from our skin, how we achieve it is a little different. 


Not only do we get our sun back during the spring and summer months, but we also get a bit of our skin's natural hydration back too- maybe a bit too much. The longer days in the sun tend to bring with it complications such as increased oil production and breakouts- but don’t sweat, we can fix that! Switching to a lighter moisturizer during the spring/summer months, keeps the skin hydrated but breathable leaving your skin glowing AND clear! The Botanica Souffle Creme is packed with 15 summer botanicals such as Aloe Vera, Sunflower and Tea Tree to control breakouts while keeping skin light and fresh. With a lightweight, whipped feel this moisturizer nourishes while also mattifying the skin to assist in any excess oil production.  


With winter and dry skin exiting the group chat, we are able to make room for the renewal and rebirth stages of Spring. Spring and summer are all about those light, airy and fresh products formulated to keep your skin glowing while also soothing and cleansing. We are ready to make that transition to new skin by continuing to take care of ourselves- you have been doing a stellar job so far!

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