Sonage takes pride in pushing towards a sustainable lifestyle

    Creating sustainable skincare takes time and effort to perfect and we at Sonage take this process very seriously. To reduce our carbon footprint, we formulate eco-friendly products and packaging to help the earth we live in.

Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint At Sonage

As an indie brand Sonage is making a genuine effort to minimize our environmental footprint by making recycling and refilling products more accessible to consumers. Through our alliance with our vendor partners, we promote sustainable development across the entire production and delivery chain to generate greater environmental impact. We at Sonage are making eco-conscious decisions every day and thank our entire community who supports our effort to be more sustainable and thoughtful in reducing the amount of garbage that goes into landfills.

The beauty industry is flooded with greenwashing and marketing jargon! Planet-conscious consumption isn’t always easy. From carbon-neutral production methods to vegan-friendly formulas, refillable containers and innovative alternative packaging, there are plenty of ways to reduce our carbon footprint. While it may not be the catch-all cure for our collective consumption, every little bit counts.

To honor this Earth Day, we are excited to share initiatives to showcase our commitment to our planet this April.

Adding Safety Testing to Sustainable Packaging 

Sending less to the landfill means good things for the planet. To qualify as Sustainable Packaging, at least 50% of packaging must be made from recycled or bio-sourced materials or be recyclable or refillable.

Over the last 12 months we at Sonage have switched to more sustainable packaging like 51% PCR, recyclable, glass, cardboard and other sustainable material. But as a spa brand, our products contain more ‘actives’ which require more rigorous safety testing (called compatibility testing) to ensure the efficacy and the shelf life in the packaging in a wide range of temperatures over extended periods of time to ensure health and safety of our clients.

There are so many new, innovative sustainable packaging materials which is exciting but they do not provide enough safety information for various actives like glycolic or probiotics. Testing is a lengthy and costly process to avoid the risk of the potential transfer of toxic materials from the packaging to the formula inside. During testing we have found that the more biodegradable or compostable materials are not compatible with active ingredients in our pro-grade skincare products. But we are 100% committed to discovering new sustainable materials that are safe for our formulations and our clients. Furthermore, we use recyclable boxes and paper certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), and offset our shipping by planting trees and funding reforestation projects.

Creating Safe Plant & Lab-grown Active Ingredients

Our Award-winning skincare brand uses plant-based ingredients to create eco-friendly skincare products that don't damage the environment, while still maintaining accessible price points.

We are passionate about what goes into our formulations, using only ingredients which are vegan friendly and ethically sourced. Our products do not contain any synthetic preservatives and our cold pressed oils are processed without chemicals or solvents. We make small batches, therefore minimizing waste, with a focus on reusing and recycling.

We incorporate biotech in our formulations, creating safe lab-grown active ingredients that are endangered in the natural world. Using plant stem cells, peptides and ceramides exceptional regenerative ingredients, without compromising on efficacy.

The Earth Day theme is Invest In Our Planet, a fitting sentiment of hope and resilience for our time. Maximizing your contributions with minimal effort. What Will You Do?