Mindful Meditation With Biet Simkin

As most of you already know, we're dedicated to promoting self-care and urging women to make time for themselves, whether through a beauty ritual, a workout, a spiritual exercise, or ideally, all three and whatever else works for you. With this week's post, we focus on meditation and pick the brain of Biet Simkin. She lets us in on Shamanism, the construct of time, and her own idea of beauty. Check out the interview below and if you don't already practice, this may be a good time to start thinking about ways to introduce meditation into your life. With various options such as in person classes and sessions like Biet's and those led by The Path as well as apps like Head Space, the possibilities far outweigh the excuses!

When do you feel most beautiful? All the time. I don't consider myself anymore so beauty is a non-issue. To me, being is a state of beauty and all that I am curious about is whether I am present or not present. I am beautiful either way because there is no desired outcome to observation. There is only what is, the present moment. I equate the present moment to beauty. We at Sonage are all about self-care - do you have any unique beauty tips or rituals to share with our readers? Love yourself without condition. Follow that with joy and feeling great. That's my beauty regimen! What do you see as the key to a well balanced life? Meditation. Sex. Art. Laughter. In that order. How and when did you first discover meditation? At Birth, my father was a shaman and Psychotherapist, he taught me how to lotus up when I was still in diapers. Besides meditation, what was the most important lesson he taught you? That pleasure is good. Have lots of fun. Love like you will never lose. Don't take yourself so seriously and laugh a lot. What made you want to become a meditation leader and share this practice with others? I had no choice - it was told to me in a meditation that it was my destiny. The best things in life are the things we are born to do. When you feel that pull, following it is easy. What sets your guided meditation sessions apart from others? My meditation experience isn't a class, it's an art installation and a lecture that includes spiritual teachings, music, and an emotional meditation system that I developed. It's different in that it's part meditation and part entertainment. It's different also in that it's more emotional than most other meditation techniques. Tell us about Center of the Cyclone. Why did you find it important to combine the worlds of meditation, self-inquiry, art, music and fashion. There was no place for normal people who shop, pay rent, have sex and live all together normal lives to go meditate. I wanted to have such a place and so I created it. Before I did what I did, the only place to go meditate was an ashram or a temple. I wanted to see it done differently and since I had studied with my father my whole life I knew I would be the perfect person to show people this new and more easy going way. Why fashion and music? Because fashion and music are culture and culture should be infused into meditation rather than taken out. My meditation system says: "Go ahead, have it all!"  You’ve described time as “an invention of intellect” and said that, “infinity sits calmly in the present moment” - can you elaborate on this? I just don't believe in time as a thing. You are either here or you are not. There is no where else to be! If you are really, really here you will taste infinity. In the present moment all things exist. In the past and future nothing really "exists." There is much written about this from great scientists, but I think it's all been explained through the ancient philosophies as well. What it all boils down to however, to simplify it, is, it's all happening now! Describe the moment you were most at peace... Only silence would describe this accurately, or perhaps a kiss. I am most at peace now...there is no other time. I also remember things, I remember great moments of presence in my life and to that I would say that what separates them from other moments is that I remember everything! I remember the colors, the flavors, the stillness in between; it's almost as though time slows down so you can catch every last detail and remember it to copy. Any upcoming events or news you'd like to share?  My record, The Lunar, is now available on iTunes! Also, I will be leading and performing at the Wanderlust Festivals in both West Virginia and Vermont.

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