Daylight Savings is moving the time on the clocks so that darkness falls at a later time during warmer months and earlier during colder months.

    When you lose sleep over Daylight Savings, it can cause troubles for your skin, leading to increased inflammation and the breakdown of collagen. It's important to have an expert-curated night time skin routine to prevent this from happening.

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Can Daylight Savings Affect Your Skin?

When it’s time to set the clocks back or spring them forward for Daylight Savings, it can mess with your circadian rhythm. That doesn’t just spell sleep troubles…it also affects your skin. Learn how to handle it for your best skin no matter which way the clock moves!

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What is Circadian Rhythm?

Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle that works with your internal clock. It’s always running along with your body. Called the sleep-wake cycle, it syncs your systems with your brain. And all this is influenced by your surroundings, especially light. When things are aligned, you probably sleep great and your body (and skin!) restores. If not, you’re going to toss and turn. 

The Connection Between Circadian Rhythm and Daylight Savings

Since Daylight Savings can throw off your sleep cycle, it can throw off your whole rhythm too. That spells some potential trouble for your skin. You may be getting less sleep, which takes its toll on your skin’s appearance. Making adjustments with your sleep schedule and your skincare routine can help though. 

How Can Circadian Rhythm Affect Your Skin?

On top of all this, your skin has its own circadian rhythm. As such, during the day, you need to be protecting it, while at night, you have to optimize your sleep and give it what it needs for restoring itself. 

By day, protection and prevention should be a part of your skincare regimen. At night, hydration should be the biggest concern as skin will naturally lose that hydration during these hours. It's very important to have an effective night time skincare routine. 

Hydrating Cleanser

Importance of Sleep and Maintaining Your Body's “Clock” in Skincare

In order for your skin to repair itself, you need proper rest. That means there’s a direct link with disrupted sleep schedules and the acceleration of skin aging. Melatonin partially regulates this, and these levels peak at night. When exposed to light sources, it reduces its ability to make these necessary repairs.  

What Your Skin Needs During the Day and Night

Now that you know the link between your circadian rhythm, Daylight Savings, and your skin, you can help it look its best when it’s time to fall back or spring forward. By day, you should always use sunscreen and antioxidants to protect and bolster skin’s natural defenses. At night, antioxidants are also just as important, though other items like vitamin A, AHAs, BHAs, and peptides will help with repair, renewal, and hydration. 

Night Time Routine Sonage Skincare

Why Is A Night Time Skincare Routine Important?

For nighttime, a proper PM skincare routine is absolutely essential, and with Sonage, it’s easy to get. A night time skincare routine rids all the pollutants and irritants that we are exposed to during the day. And with daylight savings, it helps to replenish what our skin needs, preventing any further stressors. We're already losing sleep, which stresses our skin, so practicing a good PM routine is a must.

The Night Routine is a trio with Hydrating Cleanser, a revolutionary cream formula with essential oils and botanical extracts to clean and nourish. Follow that with NMF Hyaluronic Serum to give you that extra hydration while stimulating skin’s natural repair mechanism. Finish it all off with A Plus Longevity Complex that gives skin vitamins A, C, and E plus hyaluronic acid and lipoic acid. These three hero products will definitely help your skin destress and rejuvenate.

Don’t forget to nourish your skin via antioxidants when you wake up. Then seal the deal with an SPF 30 formula to protect all that renewal your skin will do for you at night!

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