Our Health & Wellness “Must Read” Roundup

We scour the web for the best mind, body and spirit stories - so you don’t have to. Check back for more of our favorites.

Hello, beautiful. For our first ever, “Must Read” roundup, we’re sharing the link love with the likes of Mind Body Green, Sakara Life, Daily Worth and The Chalkboard Mag. These are some of our favorite health, wellness and career platforms online and we hope you’ll find these gems as helpful as we did. We’ll be bringing you the most clickable content periodically so make sure to check back and sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) if you haven’t already. 3 Morning Rituals That Make It Easy To Stick To Your Fitness Routine, Mind Body Green Some (lucky souls) wake up energized every morning ready to spring into motion and kickstart the day with a morning workout. Some do not. If you typically fall into the latter camp (and even if you only sometimes need the extra motivation), Mind Body Green has three simple morning rituals that will help you stay on track (or get to the track). Excuses beware! The Unexpected Way Women Are Sabotaging Their Health, The Chalkboard Mag Our smoothie obsessed culture in undeniable. However, Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines dictate that it’s harmful to eat cold or frozen foods, particularly for women, for whom diet strongly affects gut health, hormonal harmony (which also impacts your skin and mood) and fertility. The Chalkboard Mag elaborates and has helpful substitute suggestions after the jump. 5 Tips to Channel Your Goddess Energy While Eating, Sakara Life Mag Leave it to the lovelies over at Sakara Life to remind us to slooow down and “make mealtime a pleasurable and nourishing experience.” Our hectic schedules make it easy to forget that food should not be treated as mere sustenance, but rather a “gift that maintains your wellbeing and promotes longevity.” Certified Health Coach Sarah Hawthorne has your tips for eating like the goddess that you are. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Is More Important Than You Think, Daily Worth Arianna Huffington is urging you to, “sleep your way to the top” - with actual ZZZs that is. After burnout led the author and Huffington Post co-founder/Editor In Chief to collapse from exhaustion, she woke up to (pun intended) the crucial role sleep (or lack thereof) plays in your health, happiness and productivity. Since then, she’s been spreading the word through her book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night At A Time, and its respective book tour. Get the cliff notes via Daily Worth!