Our Health & Wellness “Must Read” Roundup: July

We scour the web for the best mind, body and spirit stories - so you don’t have to. Check back for more of our favorites.

Wow, you’re glowing. You must have read last month’s roundup. This go around, we’re covering a range of lifestyle topics to get you into Self-Care mode. Scroll down for reads on digestion, emotions, a food mystery solving app, practicing mindfulness and balancing your hormones. Want more wellness? Sign up at the bottom of the page to brighten your inbox with our weekly newsletter. The One Spice I Always Recommend For Better Digestion, Mind Body Green You’ve likely never heard of it, but if you love Indian food like we do, you’ve surely eaten it. Traditional Ayurveda meets Western medicine as Amy Shah, M.D. looks deeper into digestion courtesy of Mind Body Green. 'Pronoia' and other emotions you never knew you had, CNN In her new tome, The Book of Human Emotions, Tiffany Watt Smith, a research fellow at the Centre for the History of the Emotions at Queen Mary University of London, explores 154 words from around the world that provide language for some very specific emotions. "It's a long-held idea that if you put a name to a feeling, it can help that feeling become less overwhelming," she says. "All sorts of stuff that's swirling around and feeling painful can start to feel a bit more manageable," once you've pinned the feeling down and named it. Sounds like self-love to us. An App to Deconstruct Your Food, The New York Times The Sage Project is taking nutrition a step further with an app that goes beyond food labels. Additives? Preservatives? How far has your food traveled? All fair questions in today’s mysterious food landscape. The Sage Project has the answers via the New York Times. My Gathas, The New Yorker Let’s face it: we can all use a friendly reminder to be more mindful at times, even, or perhaps especially during mundane moments that can easily lead to ennui and/or frustration. This lovely little piece from The New Yorker features Gathas, “small verses or poems which we use to help us in our mindfulness practice.” We’re thinking developing some of our own would make a great addition to our Self-Care practice. 4 Unexpected Foods That Cause Hormonal Imbalance, Chalkboard Mag “A hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc on our sense of wellbeing, and what we’re eating is often to blame.” While sleep and stress levels are also directly correlated to your hormonal health, the adage “you are what you eat” rings ever true in this area. Chalkboard Mag consults holistic nutritionist,  Kelly LeVeque for the foods to avoid to maintain hormonal balance.

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