A roundup of October's best health and wellness "must reads"

    From running while being angry to keeping your houseplants happy, this is this month's roundup of topic extravaganza's!

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We scour the web for the best mind, body and spirit stories – so you don’t have to. Check back monthly for more of our favorites and sign up below to get our wellness content sent straight to your inbox. The internet’s been good to us this month. From cardio-emotional risks to natural alternatives to full on fall health and happy houseplants, there’s a lot to cover. Flora and fauna are at the center of this month’s roundup with excitement sprinkled on top. Read on, beauties! running while angry, The New York Times When in doubt, run it out! Or should you? A recent study published in Circulation says exercising while angry or in a heightened state of emotion is a no, no. It actually triples your chances of having a heart attack. Gasp! Not good. The New York Times has the full scoop. all natural alternatives to adderall, Well+Good We’re all familiar with the productivity pill and it seems intake is growing, beauties. Adderall consumption is at an all time high and, according to a recent New York Times cover story, millennials are “Generation Adderall.”  Sound good? That’s because it’s not. Users have even been checking into rehab for it. So, how can you get that uninterrupted focus, energy, and alertness in a safe and healthy way? Well + Good chatted with Ehsan Ali, MD for the deets. #sakarasecrets to a healthier season, Sakara Life This is no ordinary listicle, lovelies! No flu, no cough and no cold this autumn because we know just how to fight ‘em. Keep your immune system lean and mean with Sakara’s six seasonal health and wellness tips. We’re particularly interested in dry brushing and, of course, we’ll be reading, dancing and meditating! 10 tips to keep your houseplants happy (and not dead), Chalkboard Mag Did someone say delivery? New York added another hibernation enabler to its roster, this time focused on home flora. The Sill offers hand potted plants straight to your door, care tips and all. The founders recently chatted with ChalkBoard about best practices for houseplant care. Being mindful of your schedule, stable environments; there’s a lot to cover here so read on up!

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