Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb with a distinct fragrance used in culinary, health, and beauty applications.

    Rosemary provides a bounty of benefits for skin, making it clearer, smoother, and more youthful in appearance.

    Soothing Mist, Facial Rinse, Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil

Incredible Benefits of Rosemary for the Skin

What is Rosemary in Skincare?
Since ancient times, the Mediterranean herb of rosemary has been hailed as sacred. It was once used to remember loved ones in ancient Egypt. In ancient Greece, they would burn it as an offering to the gods. Today, we have found that the oils from this herb have a bounty of benefits for health and wellness, even when applied topically for skincare.
Rosemary is used in skin care products to target acne and reduce the appearance of scars and spots. Rosemary controls oil production by hydrating the skin. It keeps acne away by establishing an antibacterial surface for the skin, resulting in a healthy skin barrier. Its antiseptic properties are advantageous to those with skin conditions such as eczema. 

How Rosemary Oil Can Help Your Skin
With rosemary oil in your skincare ritual, you can improve your skin. Here’s where it really shines!
Benefits of Rosemary for your skin
- Keep a clear complexion
Rosemary is naturally antibacterial, making it great for the fight against acne bacteria. And since it’s noncomedogenic, it can’t worsen clogs in your pores, so it clears everything away and helps protect you from continuing the breakout cycle.

- Tighten up skin
If you can see your pores from afar, rosemary can help you minimize them. It has an astringent quality which tightens up the complexion. For those with oily skin, rosemary is a wonderful ingredient to seek out so you’ll have clearer, more harmonious skin.
- Get rid of fine lines
Rosemary is also brimming with antioxidants which stop damages from free radicals which can leave it lined or lax. When you apply products with rosemary, you will see skin look more youthful.

- De-puff your eyes
Another wonderful benefit of using rosemary in your skincare regimen is that it helps get fluid out of congested tissues, such as that tender area under your eyes. As such, you’ll have a more well-rested look when you use it.

- Reduces inflammation
For those that suffer with conditions that inflame skin like rosacea, eczema, or acne, rosemary is helpful because it is naturally anti-inflammatory. It also infuses skin with those antioxidants while removing irritating bacteria to bring soothing relief to your skin.

Best Skincare Products with Rosemary
Soothing Mist
If you want to start using rosemary in your skincare routine, there are some fantastic products to try by Sonage. The Soothing Mist calms and balances your skin for a healthy and refreshed glow while prepping your skin. If you have more trouble with oily skin, you may want to use Facial Rinse, which is actually a toner that can help you mattify your skin for a shine-free look.

Vitality Nourishing Oil also contains rosemary and 9 other essential dry oils that lock moisture in for incredible hydration. Skin looks illuminated without being greasy. And the best news of all – each of these skincare products with rosemary is rated safest by the EWG so you can have complete peace of mind as you restore confidence through better skin!
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