These are steps to help calm breakouts

    Breakouts can be annoying, so here is a clear-cut guide to ease upcoming breakouts

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Steps To Calm Breakouts

One of the major concerns of most of us, irrespective of our age, skin color, type, or complexion is breakouts. Breakouts are pretty common for most people, and more so for people with sensitive skin. What starts as a tiny scar, scratch, acne, or a boil might end up causing severe breakouts and skin issues, like pigmentation, scars, and uneven skin texture. Globally, breakouts are one of the topmost skin concerns for many people. While it may be tempting to pop a pimple out or scratch a dry skin patch, these seemingly harmless acts by us will definitely cause in increasing the intensity as well as frequency of the breakouts. Therefore, you need to stick to a proper skincare regime that prevents unnecessary breakouts, and you must also indulge in calming and refreshing skincare steps that will help you to heal, reduce, and calm your skin breakouts.

Acne Blemishes

Irrespective of whether you are skincare beginner or if you are someone who knows your skincare but still looking for some clear-cut, sure-shot steps to calm breakouts, here you go:

  • Cleanse your face at least twice a day and not more than 3-4 times a day with a mild cleanser: Before commencing any treatment, it is advisable to wash your skin well. Start your day with a mild cleanser of your choice. To treat acnes, blemishes, and breakouts, it’s advisable to use a gel, cream, or water based cleanser and not an oil based one. In the nights, opt for double cleansing, irrespective of whether you wore makeup or not on that particular day. Our recommendation for a good cleanser that will suit across skin types is Sonage’s Soothing Cleansing Creme. This unclogs pores & removes excess oil without stripping your skin off.
  • Opt for icing facial therapy, either via cryotherapy once in a while or using Ice Globes daily: Using Ice Globes on your face in the morning will reduce the puffiness and dullness off your face. Including Ice Globes Facial Massage as part of your night time skincare routine will refresh your skin, calm your breakouts, and help in absorbing your skincare serums and creams better.
Frioz Icy Globes Facial Massager
  • Apply a chemical treatment like Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid: Both these acids are said to help in reducing acnes and in treating the acne scars, marks, and other skin woes. Once or twice a week, you can use Glycolic Peel Pads on your face and neck. Additionally, on the other days, you can apply Zitlox Salicylic Acne Gel on your acne and pimples overnight to dry your acne, so that they can fall off naturally in a day or two. However, remember that these powerful ingredients should be followed up with moisturizer and sunscreen (if done in the mornings). Albeit, it is preferable and suggested to incorporate these ingredients in night skincare.
  • Once or twice a week apply a face mask that helps in soothing down acne and breakouts:  A good clay mask, like Sonage’s Tulsi Soothing Tri-Clay Mask has calming, natural ingredients. This will help in healing your skin breakouts and preventing the spreading of the same. With regular use, it will also significantly prevent formation of newer breakouts.
Tulsi Soothing Tri Clay Mask
  • Never pop or break a pimple & always keep your skin hydrated & moisturized: It is necessary to keep your skin always moisturized, hydrated, and well nourished. Don’t touch your face unnecessarily. Wear sunscreen in the mornings and reapply them as needed even if you aren’t venturing out or even on cloudy days. Finally, drink enough water and make sure you are stressed.

These are some of the steps that help you tremendously in achieving clearer, glass like skin by calming and reducing skin breakouts. Go ahead and add these steps to your skincare routine and see the results for yourselves in a few weeks.

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