Strengthen Your Skin Barrier

Our estheticians take a more barrier-positive approach, encouraging us to feed the skin with nourishment, rather than simply dissolving the 'bad' things away.

  • Niacinamide 

    • versatile ingredient that strengthens the skin barrier and reduces moisture loss.
  • Polyglumatic Acid

    • Defends against moisture loss and environmental stressors while maintaining hydration.
  • Bacillus Ferment 

    • Probiotics is a skin barrier protector that enhances the skins natural defenses and improves barrier function. Its soothing and hydrating properties promote healthy, resilient skin.

What's a Skin Barrier?

 Healthy Barrier Unhealthy Barrier
Proper nutrients help maintain skin's natural barrier for optimal protection. Without it, environmental stressor easily penetrate and damage the skin underneath.
Healthy vs unhealthy skin barrier diagram

The skin's barrier is the outermost layers of skin- which helps prevent water loss and shield skin from environmental factors such as sun damage, pollution and allergens. A healthy skin barrier is the skin's frontline defense agains the outside world.