The clean beauty revolution is taking off with the undeniable rise of the demand for clean beauty products

    There has been legal and societal push for clean beauty to be more prominent in stores. Read more about the efforts made to make this happen

The Undeniable Clean Beauty Revolution

We at Sonage jumped on the natural train early on and have never looked back so it’s not news to us that there’s a clean beauty revolution underway. However, because we were such early adopters we have experienced the journey first hand and seen this movement grow beyond the niche market we originally entered. Due to the constant stream of new information via the internet and social media plus endless health blogs and influencers educating consumers about the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices, there has been a general increase in interest in this area. What started with nutrition and exercise is now finally spreading to skincare, but we still have a long way to go. Leave it to the wellness gurus over at Well + Good to cover the undeniable rise of the demand for clean beauty products. It’s a lengthy read so we’ve narrowed it down to the essentials and added our own summaries to each subtopic. We hope you enjoy! There’s no governmental task force making sure ingredients used in beauty products are safe A study done last year found that nearly 60 percent of over 1,100 women read beauty product ingredient labels prior to purchase, and 54 percent of women claim it’s important for their skin-care products to be all-natural. And yet, in the US there’s no governing or independent body inspecting chemicals and ingredients that go into personal care products. The European Union has banned more than 1,300 toxic ingredients and Canada also has strict laws surrounding their cosmetics (500 banned ingredients). In the U.S.? Only eleven harmful ingredients are banned from cosmetics. The Sonage summary: The responsibility of keeping toxic ingredients out of products lies with beauty brands. Luckily, we do our research, rely on naturally effective ingredients and are committed to complete transparency when it comes to our ingredients. The New Natural™ at Sonäge is about our commitment to provide consumers with the safest, natural, non-toxic, and highly-effective products on the market. Furthermore all our ingredients fall into the highest(safest) Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep safety scale. Steps toward the regulation of what’s in your beauty products, and the Personal Care Products Safety Act An attempt at regulation finally came in April 2015, when Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) proposed the Personal Care Products Safety Act. According to Feinstein’s office, the main component of the bill is an ingredient review by the FDA. It would also require companies to report any averse events to the FDA. A main part of Personal Care Products Safety Act would look closely at five potentially toxic ingredients a year, to start chipping away at safety data for thousands of cosmetic ingredients. The Sonage summary: The bill currently has bipartisan support and several consumer brands including Sonäge are already on board, proving that it has broad appeal, so its supporters are pushing for a hearing this fall. Signs of a Clean Beauty Revolution Despite the incredible efforts of Feinstein’s office, laws can take a long time to go through Congress. This is why there’s something else happening, and it’s happening among beauty brands, distributors, wholesalers, cosmetic manufacturers, and others in the industry: a clean beauty revolution. The movement aims to have the same regulations that surround food to be applied to personal care products (putting it on your skin does let it in). In March of this year, she launched a social media campaign that called for people to sign a clean beauty petition so she could go to Congress and lobby with support. The Sonage summary: Despite challenges in Congress, advocates and influencers are spreading the clean beauty gospel and gaining serious traction via social media, further cementing the fact that it is an important issue to many consumers. What still needs to be done As the new frontier in beauty is brewing, the best we can do is continue reading labels and educating ourselves on what’s actually good for our skin. Despite all the murkiness in the beauty market, one thing’s for sure—there are now plenty of amazing natural brands out there looking to provide us with products for a safe beauty routine right now. The Sonage summary: The choices are yours to make. We know that if you’re reading this you’re taking conscious steps towards incorporating clean, natural beauty into your life and avoiding toxins for a healthier you inside and out, so keep up the good work and we promise to keep up our end of the bargain as well! Read the full article via Well + Good HERE.