Slugging is the process of covering the face with an occlusive ointment overnight.

    Slugging creates a protective barrier that traps water in the skin, helping it stay more elastic and youthful.

    Laserine® Botanical Salve

Viral Skincare Trend: What is Slugging?

Tik Tok made us do it! The viral trend of slugging has taken the skincare segment by storm. But don’t worry…you won’t need to handle actual slugs or snails to use this beauty trick for your most beautiful skin.

We've been through so many skincare trends lately, but let's talk about Slugging Skin. It involves coating the face with an occlusive ointment that creates a protective layer on top of your skin. This layer seals in hydration and keeps your skin from becoming too dry. 

Slugging Face Close

How Does It Work for Your Face? 

Because of the benefits of slugging skincare, it’s gone completely viral. Here’s why everyone is loving this beauty trick!

- Moisturizing

Because face slugging retains hydration, it fills up your skin. Imagine a sponge full of water and you’ve got the right idea. This skin tip thickens things up and improves elasticity.

- Protecting

With this layer slathered on, it keeps water trapped in the skin. It also keeps bad things out that can cause irritations.

- Repairing

For dehydrated skin in particular, slugging keeps more water loss from happening. This makes it easier for your skin to repair itself while you sleep. 

Does Slugging Benefit Everyone?

While slugging is an effective Tiktok hack, or skincare hack, for a nighttime skincare routine, it’s not a good one for every skin type. If you have oily or acne prone skin, it could make things much worse. Additionally, if you have infected skin with any open wounds, you shouldn’t try slugging until the skin heals as it can prevent proper clearing of the infection. 

Does Slugging Clog Your Pores?

For those with oily and acne prone skin, using an occlusive product on your skin can trap the oils in your pores. This leads to pore clogging and of course, breakouts. If you have these skin types, slugging is not ideal for your skin.

However, for other skin types, feel free to try slugging. Most people use a petroleum jelly-based product for this, but it can still be too much for pores. And it will make a mess on your pillowcases, so use an old one. Some say to put a towel on the pillow, but that can tug at your skin. 

What Product Should You Use For Slugging? 

If you look up slugging tips online, you’ll see everyone using Vaseline. However, Laserine Botanical Salve by Sonage is the best option. That’s because it’s petroleum-free, using a natural alternative to petrolatum. It works to soothe skin while calming irritations like sunburns, cuts, cosmetic peels, or helping newly tattooed skin. 

This salve doesn’t clog pores like the other stuff does either, making it great for all skin types. It’s vegan and rated safest by the EWG with a green rating of 1. What you get is a non-irritating, soothing, and moisturizing multi-purpose jelly.

In addition to using it for slugging, you can help soften chapped skin like rough elbows or knees. You can also use it on cuts to help things heal better. This is a great multi-purpose hero to keep in your skincare arsenal for slugging and beyond!

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