What ceramides does for the skin

    The benefits of ceramides and how it can help your skin

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What Do Ceramides Do For Your Skin?

Ceramides are fats and lipids that are present in our skin that helps reduce the drying of our skin and keeps them naturally moisturized. They constitute 30-40% of our skin’s outer layers and helps in not just retaining the moisture of the skin but also in protecting the skin from any germ-based infection. If you start to feel dryness, flakiness, or itching in your skin, it might be due to reduction of ceramides in your skin, due to aging or environmental stressors, like pollution & weather. Therefore, to have well nourished skin all through the year, it is necessary to include ceramide based serums & moisturizers to your everyday skincare regime.

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are the lipids in one’s body that play a vital role in everyone’s skin barrier function. It also serves as body’s first line of defense to germs, pollution, and other toxins. Ceramides are also said to promote brain development as well as maintain cell function. Since many years, many skincare brands create skin care products like ceramide moisturizers, lotions, serums, creams, and toners. These products are targeted to keep your skin nourished and healthy by improving its ceramide levels.

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Benefits of Ceramides

There are one too many benefits of ceramides. Incorporating ceramides into your skincare does definitely more good to your skin, irrespective of your geographic location, complexion, and age. Here are top 5 benefits of ceramides.

  • Acts as a defense barrier: Ceramides act as barrier between your skin and external toxins that it will help your skin to be nourished always. Furthermore, it repairs your skin at the barrier level, so your breakouts and other skin concerns heal sooner.
  • Hydrates your dry skin: Irrespective of whether you have a naturally dry skin or your skin gets dried and flaky during winters, ceramides provide the required hydration to your skin and reduces the flakiness and irritation. Since it is a natural component, ceramides are more milder and thus much more suitable for your skin that their active acid based counterparts.
  • Heals wounds & bruises: Sensitive and aging skin are more prone to bruising and breakouts. Ceramides heal such breakouts and bruises and restores your natural skin.
  • Soothes and calms your skin: Usage of actives like retinoid or chemical peeling may be caused purging in your skin. Also, certain products and food may cause skin redness. Usage of ceramides in your daily skincare routine will help in containing that redness and in calming your skin.
  • Helps in healthy and slowed aging: Aging is a natural process. However, good skincare regime, especially using nourishing products like ceramides will help in aging healthily and in a slower pace.
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Why should you use skincare with ceramides?

In your daily life, your face goes through several external stressors that damage your skin barrier. In addition to that, we all use tech gadgets that emit blue ray, and we also travel/commute a lot. While a good SPF offers protection from harmful rays, ceramides are the ones that nourish, heal, and repair your skin over the period of time and gives you the natural healthy & hydrated skin that you deserve and crave for.

Who should use ceramides?

Anyone in their 20s and above can incorporate ceramides in their everyday skincare routine. However, people with dry skin, flaky or irritated skin, sensitive skin, and people who are aging, use chemical peels and exfoliants, actives like retinoids should definitely not miss using ceramide based serums or moisturizers.

How often can you use ceramides?

It is advisable to use a ceramide based moisturizer twice a day, everyday. Incorporating the ceramide based skincare in your everyday skin health regime will definitely keep your skin healthy and nourished. Sonage’s Refixion Sans Retinol Creme has ceramides as one of its major ingredients, and this product can give you the benefits of ceramide along with helping in prevention of concerns related to skin aging. 

Refixion Sans Retinol Cream

Are there any side effects?

While there aren’t any side effects as it is for ceramides, a patch test is always recommended before adding any product into your skincare and beauty regime.

Sonage offers a great Bakuchiol cream, Refixion Sans Retinol Creme, that has all the benefits of Retinol but without the irritation and sensitivity. It also has ceramides to restore the skin's natural barrier, while being a an all natural retinol alternative. 


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