Witch Hazel is a staple in every vanity due to its many benefits that it comes with

    Witch Hazel comes with many different properties that are used to help control excess oil on the skin, fighting bacteria and removing makeup and impurities. Having witch hazel nearby will give your skincare routine a complete, hydrating finish on your skin

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Witch Hazel Skin Benefits

Made from the leaves of a plant called Hamamelis virginiana, Witch hazel is an ancient medicine that is used topically to treat certain skin conditions. Known as a necessity, witch hazel is one of those important essentials to always have in your cabinet. From cleaning solutions to natural skincare remedies, it can be used in a variety of ways to benefit your everyday life.


Benefits of witch hazel for skin:

1. Controls Excess Oil on Skin

Witch hazel is well-known for controlling excess oil. It’s antiseptic properties help to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Some prefer using witch hazel as an alternative to a face cleanser while others use it as a double cleanser.

2. Fights Bacteria in Acne-Prone Skin

The journey to having clear skin can be long and stressful, especially finding what works while avoiding harsh ingredients. Witch hazel is the solution for both concerns! Acne typically occurs when the pores clog from excess oil, dead skin, or bacteria. Witch hazel acts as an astringent by drying out breakouts produced by excess oil. Since witch hazel helps to control oil production, it most definitely helps to treat acne.

3. Soothes Itchiness, Redness, and Irritation

Witch hazel contains many potent anti-inflammatory properties which is great for soothing minor cuts and irritations. As a natural disinfectant, witch hazel cleanses and relieves irritation without aggravating the wound. Using an astringent like our facial rinse to combat these effects provide some relief, while leaving you feeling better about showing more skin.

4. Natural Disinfectant for Cuts and Scrapes

Many of us who often shave knows, experiencing a razor burn here and there is inevitable. In the summer months, shaving generally becomes more frequent. Applying witch hazel to your legs or face after shaving can help prevent ingrown hairs and inflammation, and help you stay protected with the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of thyme leaf extract. Many convert to natural alternatives such as witch hazel as traditional aftershave often contains harmful chemicals.

5. Removing Makeup and Impurities

When removing makeup, it’s important to ensure that you’ve removed all of the product to allow your pores to breathe freely. After cleansing your face, you skin may still contain traces of foundation or even dirt. Applying an alcohol-free toner containing a natural astringent like witch hazel as a double cleanser will balance your skin and make for a deeper clean to remove any additional impurities.

6. Bug Bite Remedy

Mosquitos and bugs thrive in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. If you happen to get bit, applying our Soothing Mist which contains turmeric root and witch hazel, to the area can serve as a natural remedy that will help stop the itching with its soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

7. Soothing Sunburns

While you should always make sure to protect your skin before heading outside, sometimes a sunburn is inevitable. These burns can be painful, but witch hazel can reduce your healing time to get your skin feeling new again. Found in our toners, aloe vera extract and witch hazel are anti-inflammatory and provides cooling effects, while neem leaf repairs the skin. Best of all, the lavender oil is soothing and hydrating, so it won’t dry out your already sensitive skin!

8. Helps Minimize Scars and Stretch Marks

Witch Hazel is widely considered as a treatment for stretch marks and scars. It helps to tighten loose skin around scars which aids in minimizing the scar.

9. Quick Refresh

Our facial mists all contain witch hazel which tightens the skin and can reduce puffiness that may be caused from lack of sleep or an especially tiring day. If your skin is looking a bit dull towards the end of the day, but you are set to enjoy evening plans, a quick spritz of witch hazel can give you just the refresher you need.

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