Your Skin. Your Health.

Sonage Ambassador Sadie Adams shares her knowledge about the body, her philosophy regarding beauty, and the importance of appreciating the wisdom of your skin. As an esthetician yourself, is there any one product or piece of skincare advice you wish every woman knew? I wish every person had a strong internal sense of the beauty in diversity. Often, when people look in the mirror they see themselves with shades of influence from society's homogenized esthetic. I feel that the most important function of a face is self expression which includes the ability to communicate health or disease. This aspect of our body should be celebrated and never muted before the information available is noted and integrated. Are there any rituals you’ve incorporated into your life for a healthier you? i.e.workouts, food, sleep, mental health, etc. I hold a weekly meditation circle in my home. I find that having a community share together in a loving and intentional gathering supports and inspires my week. Was skincare something passed down to you or something you picked up along the way? Skincare was included in the curriculum of the Ayurvedic Studies Program at the Ayurvedic Institute, a school I attended in the 90s when I was a young yoga teacher. We learned about the various layers of skin and how they correlate to the different tissues in the body. We were taught to use the face and skin as a diagnostic tool, an indication of the global health of the body's systems. We studied and applied natural medicines and ancient techniques for skin health, recognizing the skin as an effective way to transmit remedies to the body. Do you have any secret tips or tricks of the trade that you use yourself and can share as far as skincare goes? Pay attention and take care. Look with love and curiosity. Your skin is likely communicating the internal landscape of the physical and emotional bodies. Observe the quality of your perception and whether or not it is charged with love and acceptance or qualities of judgement that weigh-in the ideals of others. Observe the effects of diet and lifestyle choices. Take care to understand and maintain your body's unique sense of balance with your skin as teacher and guide! Finally, of all your morning rituals (some daily and others when there’s time) which would be your favorite?( i.e. reading in bed before getting up, grabbing a cup or coffee and sitting for a minute, looking through the paper or a favorite magazine?) In the morning before I get out of bed I practice nine purification breaths, an elemental purification practice, and visualize, feel and call in the vibration of the most inspiring and uplifting expressions of the incoming day! Sadie Adams is founder of Take Care Center for Body Mind Regeneration in New York City. For over 17 years, Sadie has been sharing her insights about movement and consciousness, calling on science, technology, ancient wisdom and intuitive awareness to support healing and increase human capacities. Read more about Sadie and Take Care here.