Our History of Innovation 

Sonage’s successful 20 year history is rooted in the great European skin care tradition with its focus on premium, luxury ingredients and research-based formulas to deliver healthy, natural-looking skin. The wonderful French expression “être bien dans sa peau,” which literally translates as “to be well in one’s skin,” is part of our mission to keep your skin healthy and beautiful at every age. Working with top scientists in Europe and Los Angeles, we’ve balanced the best in modern skin care science with the amazing healing power of Mother Nature by using natural botanicals, active plant enzymes and pure essential oils (instead of the harsh chemicals used in other beauty brands) to create revolutionary formulas that are safe, highly-effective, a joy to use and the gateway to more beautiful, youthful, luminous skin.

The Sonage Difference: The New Natural

The New Natural balances the best in skin care science with the healing power of nature. Unlike other well-known beauty brands, you’ll never find harsh fillers or chemicals preservatives - sulfates, parabens, or petroleum derivatives - in Sonage products. Instead, your skin will luxuriate in Mother Nature’s bounty – brightening lime oil, soothing turmeric, and stimulating sage. Sonage formulas are full of powerful, active ingredients that work better than their chemical-laden counterparts, and are kept stable and fresh by natural preservatives like Burdock Root, Honey Suckle, and Tea Tree Oil. We harness the restorative and renewing power of botanical oils to create rich and unique aromas to enhance the Sonage experience for our customers. And because we believe kindness is beautiful, all our products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We understand that our customers want products that are good for their skin and for our environment, so we use recycled packaging and print our information directly on our bottles and jars to keep our carbon footprint small and avoid creating more landfill.

The Sonage Promise: We Put Our Customers First

At Sonage, we are always working to find new and better products for our customers. We’re very proud of the fact that because Sonage products are so effective and deliver great value and benefits, we have one of the highest reorder rates in the industry. We know our customers lead busy lives and don’t always have time to get to the spa, so we’ve joined the self-care revolution and created products that deliver the same healing and relaxing aromatherapy and the same inspired, energizing pampering you’ll find in the best salons and spas, right to your home. Because we manufacture in small batches every ninety days, we can move quickly to incorporate new research breakthroughs and best practices into our products to ensure they are constantly evolving, improving and providing our customers the amazing skin care they expect and deserve.

You Will See and Feel the Difference in Your Skin

Perhaps the best thing about Sonage is that you don’t have to take our word for it. Try our products and see for yourself what a difference the New Natural makes. Experience the glow of natural skin health and beauty from the inside out, with Sonage.

Honoring and Protecting your Skin and Our Planet 

At Sonäge, our commitment is to your skin, and to our environment. Just as our customers are conscious of what they put into their bodies, we are acutely conscious of what we put into our products, and what we don’t. The New Natural™, our foundational approach to creating natural, (bio) active formulas, delivers unparalleled benefits to your skin, while protecting and honoring the planet.

At the heart of Sonäge’s New Natural is the synergy of the best in skin care science combined with safe, effective, natural and sustainable ingredients – healing botanical oils and active plant enzymes – to give you more beautiful, youthful, vibrant, healthy skin. Unlike so many farm-to-face all natural products, Sonäge’s New Natural formulas don’t require refrigeration and won’t spoil or attract bacteria. Our ingredients are guaranteed to remain stable and effective for two years, and over 90% are rated Green, and the rest Yellow, by the Environmental Working Group Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Scale.

Mindful and sustainable aren’t just buzz words at Sonäge, they’re part of our core philosophy. A cornerstone of our approach to The New Natural™ is to ensure that Sonäge products benefit both your skin and the environment. That’s why you’ll never find micro-beads, which can imbed in your pores and harm the environment, or harsh chemicals and toxins in our formulas. We’ve replaced the standard petroleum products found in so many high-end beauty lines, silicone and dimethicone, with natural, biodegradable cold-pressed broccoli seed oil and meadowfoam flower seed oil. Instead of retinol, which causes excessive drying and flaking, we use gentle, effective moth bean seed extract to tighten pores, smooth wrinkles, de-age and refine the skin. While most cosmetic cleansers rely on harsh and potentially irritating chemical sulfates to remove impurities from the skin, Sonäge uses a naturally-occurring, biodegradable amino acid surfactant, sarcosine, to clean, renew and remove the effects of environmental grime and pollution. You’ll never find fillers in Sonäge formulas, just pure, rich essential oils full of active nutrients to nourish and protect the skin. To keep Sonäge products fresh and stable, we don’t resort to chemical preservatives and known carcinogens like parabens, formaldehyde, and DMDM hydantoin, but staying true to our philosophy, borrow from nature’s bounty and use bitter orange, tea tree, burdock root, honeysuckle, all naturally-derived, sustainable alternatives.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, that there is never animal testing at Sonäge. All our products are 100% cruelty free. Because we believe in keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible, we don’t use extra packaging or boxes with our products, and we print all of our usage recommendations directly on our bottles and jars to avoid adding to landfills. In all our shipping we use recycled paper and biodegradable filler, so that when our products arrive in your home, you can feel confident they are effective, natural and safe for your skin and our planet.


Today’s women are stretched for time like never before. The demands of work, family and friendships often leave us with little to no time to take care of ourselves. That’s why Sonage supports the Self-Care Revolution. Women want, deserve and need to take a few minutes out of their busy days to create beauty and self-care rituals that can reinvigorate, renew and refresh us. Self-care isn’t just skin deep, it’s a vital important part of living a more conscious, full and balanced life. So even if you don’t have quite enough time for a full facial at the salon, you can still have that just-been-to-the spa glow and a beautiful, healthy complexion by using skin-nourishing, stress-free Sonage products. Our curated blend of healing botanicals and deeply relaxing pure aromatherapy oils bring the bouquet, beauty and balance of nature to your everyday skin care ritual. Our products are formulated with pure, natural and active plant extracts and essential oils to be great for your skin and to create a truly exceptional self-care experience.
So go ahead, set aside some time every morning and evening, or whenever is best for you, and indulge in your own renewing skin care ritual.


Try Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil-, a couture blend of ten essential oils including Argan, Marula, Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary which are stress-relieving, relaxing and uplifting with the lovely, clean and natural scent of Cypress oil. Or begin your week with our invigorating Gommage Exfoliating Gel to brighten your skin and your day with the scent of Lime oil and Camphor bark oil. And, when you can, a visit to an esthetician is a great complement to your ongoing daily self-care. Viva the Sonage Self-Care Revolution!

We’ve asked Lavinia Errico, founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs and Sonage’s Chief Creative Officer to tell us how she uses rituals to help create meaning and intention in her life, and to bring a sense of peace and balance to her very full and busy days:
“Creating a wellness or skin care ritual is about doing something with a clear mind and clear intention – specifically focusing on you and you only. Ritual starts by creating a day-to-day practice for yourself. For my skin care, it’s about pleasure – I bring pleasure into my life through these self-rituals. I turn my skin care into a 2, 3, or 7-minute Lavinia ritual of cherishing me. And as a result, my skin looks and feels amazing.”


"Vitamin C is all the rage lately. So I went on the hunt for the perfect product for me. I have sensitive skin and have tried a few products, which made my skin breakout. By far the Sonage High Impact Vitamin C Serum has been the best. I put it on after my toner before my moisturizer. It's lightweight and was easily absorbed by my skin. My skin after two weeks of using it is noticeably different. My skin is brighter and healthier than ever. I've been wearing less makeup too because my skin looks so naturally beautiful! I highly recommend it!”

- Lori Moreno, Blogger and Social Media Influencer
Los Angeles, CA

"I've used Sonage products for a few years, but the same few over and over. I read a review on the Vitamin C Serum and thought I'd try something new...I am now on my 3rd reorder of it and recommend it SO highly!! I used it first when I get out of the shower, then my daily moisturizer and it made such a difference in my skin tone throughout the day. I run very red and it's helped so much. Love it!!" 

- Melissa, Simi Valley

I fell in love with your products and can't wait to have the complete line in the salon, I always feel so confident and safe while working with Sonage because it gives amazing results! Thank you again for all the time you have invested in Sonage and in all of us!

- Tatiana, Bogart Salon, Moorpark, CA

 "Having used and represented many of the world's finest skin care lines, I can say unequivocally that Sonage is one of my favorites. The ingredients are unsurpassed, manufactured utilizing the latest in cutting-edge technologies and the proof is in the results that my clients have received for years, unanimously giving accolades that keep them coming back for more."

- Kathryn Bruno
Owner /Esthetician

"I have been using Sonage facial moisturizer products for about 2 1/2 years now. As soon as I was introduced to them I was hooked as they made my skin feel amazing and I particularly liked that they were all natural and not full parabens!

I am fair skinned and have normal to oily skin and had always had problems with other products making my skin break out.....especially moisturizers....but Sonage products have been wonderful at doing the moisturizing without the clogging of pores!

I use the Harmony cream....which has been amazing at keeping my pores minimized and helping with fine lines....just as I was told it would do! My teenage daughter who has suffered with broken out skin has also used the Harmony cream and Liposome moisturizer which really keeps her skin in check as well. I also use the Liposome Creme as a lighter moisturizer and the High Endurance as a richer moisturizer (mostly in the winter months). As an added night treatment I use the Vitality Serum on face, neck, and chest....not only does it make my skin feel amazing, it smells so yummy! I have also used the Translucent Creme to help with freckles on my face and neck.

I would recommend Sonage products to anyone I know as the quality of their products speak for themselves and I will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come!"

- Shelli Duarte

"I have used Sonage products for over 22 years. My skin looks young and vibrant... I am very lucky to have found Sonage from the beginning. It has really helped me beat the aging factors.

As a makeup artist, I want everyone to love the colors and makeup that I put on them... especially when working with photographers. I don’t want the clients (men and women) to think that the makeup is ‘just for the pictures”, all caked on. I want them to look in the mirror---LOVE what they see----take a beautiful photo and buy it all! I use Sonage under the makeup because it makes the makeup look and feel fantastic and natural.. .simply beautiful skin! And I can’t tell you how many dry skins I encounter during my travels doing makeup, and how many "Gommage Exfoliating Gel" demos I do on clients’ hands. Before I began doing their makeup, I would put a little of that product on their hand, wait for it to get a little tacky..then roll the dehydrated cells off Wow! What a difference. I always joke and say that we will clone them after they leave with their DNA left behind! Needless to say, selling a night creme and related products from Sonage was easy to do as a part of the whole skin care routine.

Yes, I love Sonage. . . really the best on the market. I am always being sent samples of other products to try but nothing is a good as Sonage. If you are reading this, consider yourself lucky---and congrats---you have found Sonage! Welcome to beautiful skin."

- Mary Caryl

"I have been using Sonage products for over 15 years. My clients and I love them; I even send them to my clients in Hong Kong! Sonage is a wonderful product line and it’s great for both aging and acne prone skin."

- Elaine Dodd

"As an esthetician in the business over 20 years, I have experienced great results with the Sonage products. They are reliable, truly hypo-allergenic, non-greasyand are very competitive in price. Along with being a great product, the training for the professional prepares them for excellent services for their clients. I am very proud to use this product myself and on my clients. It works! No one guesses my age. I am now 81."

- Marion Williams

"I have been a customer of Sonage since 1996. As a paramedical esthetician working alongside physicians for many years, I find the Sonage Skin care line to be extremely results-oriented, and its flexibility for back bar use is amazing."

- Carmen Wylie
Owner of Carmen Wylie Clinical Skin Care
Former Spa Director at “The Biggest Loser” Resort & Spa, Malibu

"I have been using Sonage personally and in my salon since 1997! Still love it!!!!"

- Jackie Sikora-Cole
Divine Appointments, Bradenton, FL