Sonäge Glycopolymer: Safer, more Refined and more Effective than Glycolic Acid

Non-buffered strengths 6% to 25%

Out of all the AHAs, Glycolic acid is the most potent in its capabilities for exfoliation and the improvement of the structural integrity of the skin far into the dermis. However, because of its random molecular motions, its positive effects on the skin are often hit or miss. When a Glycolic acid molecule misses its mark, it may sometimes cause problems such as hyperpigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, blisters, rashes and breakouts.

By linking Glycolic acid molecules into strands called glycopolymers, it is possible to penetrate the skin along the lines of the skin’s natural polymers: elastin and collagen interact more precisely with the skin’s support structure.

The Progressive SONÄGE Glycopolymer System, for all skin types, gives you the ability to personalize a treatment, based on your client’s skin condition. Results are immediately visible.

Benefits include:

+ Exfoliates and brightens dull complexion

+ Helps to tone, firm and contour the skin

+ Refreshes, hydrates and rejuvenates skin

+ Perfect for hyperpigmentation, acne prone and scar repair

+ Strengthens and clarifies skin


Glycopolymer Peel | Sonage SkincareProgressive Glycopolymer Peel System Glycopolymer Peel | Sonage SkincareGlycopolymer Peel Pads (Mild) Glycopolymer Peel | Sonage SkincareGlycopolymer Peel Pads (Strong)

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