Men's Personal Care Kit

Men's Skincare Set

$128 ($158 Value)

Our Men's Personal Care Kit is our expert-curated, effective, and simple skincare routine for men.

Mens' Skincare Personal Care Kit includes:

Step 1 - CleanseSoothing Cleansing Creme - Helps control acne breakouts with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

Step 2 - ToneSoothing Mist - Balances and refreshes to reveal a fresh glow. Multi-tasking hero excellent post sun exposure, shaving, and waxing.

Step 3  - Eyes (Free Gift!)Luster Eye Cream - Clean, natural eye cream targets wrinkles, dark circles, aging and puffiness. 

Step 4 - Moisturize: Botanica Souffle Cream - Noncomedogenic, lightweight, mattifying whipped cream nourishes the skin and replenishes moisture.

Step 5 - ProtectProtec Plus Mineral Sunscreen - Lightweight mineral sunscreen without toxic chemicals. Red Algae provides super protection without a white cast.