5 ways to get glowing this holiday season

    With all the hectic-ness this holiday season, it's easy to forget to take care of your skin. So we've came up with this guide to help you achieve the glow-iest skin possible

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5 Easy Ways To Glow This Holiday Season

December – the most joyous, albeit hectic, month of the year. While you concentrate on giving, reuniting, smiling and celebrating, we’ve got you covered for that holiday glow this party season.

As soon as Starbucks displays its red cups and Mariah’s, “All I Want for Christmas,” comes blasting on the radio, images conjure in our mind of cozy fireplaces, decorating gingerbread houses and ice-skating with a significant other. Enter reality. Navigating through the crowds to buy gifts for family who are really difficult to buy for; mass panic at work as everyone tries to complete everything they had put off for the end of the year and of course, accidental eggnog-induced “ailments.”

But have no fear! We’ve listed 5 easy-peasy tips for brilliantly radiant skin that require little to no extra effort and will have you dazzling brighter than any star on the tree.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is key for a brighter complexion. No matter how hard you try, dead skin cannot be moisturized and will not disappear unless you exfoliate. And while we are on the topic of exfoliation, don’t go getting yourself added to the naughty list. Non-natural exfoliators are abrasive and strip the skin of its natural oil and worse still if they have microbeads that can get lodged in your pores. The safest and most effective way to exfoliate is to use a natural glycolic acid as it permeates the skin to remove dead cells and improve skin texture. Try our super convenient Glow To Go Glycopolymer Peel Pads for an instant #nofilter glow.

2. Food

This is an easy one because celebrations = food! Foods high in fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts or flax seeds boost collagen and cell production. Foods rich in antioxidants, such as berries and oranges, contain Vitamins E and C to fight against free radicals. Even spiced apples are guilt-free since the fruit is resplendent in malic acid, which promotes firm and youthful skin. Nourish skin from within to counteract and slow down the aging process. Always remembering that beauty, like food, is a health choice.

3. Moisturize ++

Baby, it’s cold outside. That means you need to amp up your moisturizing game to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months. We recommend implementing essential oils into your beauty routine for all-natural radiance. Deep moisturizing will fill in lines and cracks in the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of dullness. Our Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask is rich in vitamins and essential oils to increase elasticity and pull moisture to the skin’s surface. And let’s not forget our very own personal favorite new product this year – Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil. Packed with high-quality antioxidants and omega acids for intense hydration, our dry oil protects the skin from wrinkles without creating an oily sensation or clogging pores.

4. H2glOw

Drinking more water is the most simple, inexpensive and effective remedy for maintaining healthy skin. Water increases skin moisture and flushes toxins from your body. And if you’re trying to keep warm, swap the hot chocolate for green tea, which provides anti-inflammatory benefits and protects cells.

5. Zzz

It’s obviously a very busy, fun time of the year, but make sure you are still getting enough sleep. Sleep is the body’s restorative time when skin cells repair and regenerate. Lack of sleep causes dark circles, dry and flaky skin, changes in oil production and slower skin cell regeneration. If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, try chamomile tea as it is especially soothing and calming and does wonders for your skin.