A Dip Into Bliss With Donna D’Cruz

Meditation seems to be having a bit of a moment. From numerous meditation apps being launched (think 1 Giant Mind) to media personalities like journalist Dan Harris writing books on the topic, awareness of the many positive benefits of a daily meditation practice are making their way from the hippy “woo woo” into the mainstream. As The New York Times’ Gretchen Reynolds recently reported, studies have shown that not only does it relax your mind, but it also allows your body to let go of stress, which is a good thing because stress has the potential to cause negative effects on our overall wellbeing and our skin. At our Beauty of Balance event in New York City, Donna D’Cruz from Rasa Living guided the attendees on A Dip Into Bliss - a transcendent journey of finding one’s inner peace. She also discussed the pressures that we face daily basis and how the struggle to find our own balance is a journey that we must embark on. Here are the main takeaways from her talk and some tips for your own personal journey: Find your dip. Meditation can take place in many different ways. There is no right or wrong - it’s up to each individual. Some people may find their moment during a walk with nature, while others may find it while playing with their pets or cooking a meal. Whatever is your thing that allows you to switch off intellect and switch on spirit, that is your dip. The bliss is the state of mind that follows. Give yourself a moment. You must gift yourself the time to discover your dharma - or what it is you were sent here to do and to be. That doesn’t mean carving out a huge portion of your day to focus on meditation. It is more about working the time into your life and fully balancing your time. Engage in balance. You don’t have to fight for peace or earn it. It is your right to have a moment of stillness to find peace. We all need to be able to balance our time so that we can eavesdrop on our mind -- to find our true purpose and not what the world thinks that our purpose is. Be aware. When you take time to exercise, nourish your body and to think mindfully about what you are putting on or in your body, you start to live an aware life. This awareness will permeate every aspect of your life and help you to stay thoughtful in all aspects of life. Turn off technology. With all of the devices that allow us to easily connect with each other, we have began to lose the connection with our spirit. Give yourself a moment every day or every few days where you can be off the grid and truly with yourself in that moment. Maintain self care. How you treat your body affects your overall wellbeing. You must take time to care for skin, body and mind. Whether it be through your daily skin care routines or a quick walk around the block during your work day. Treating yourself well is not only a luxury but an obligation.
Named the “Rockstar Teacher of Meditation” by Well+Good, Entrepreneur, celebrity DJ and meditation thought leader, Donna D’Cruz was born in South India and grew up in Australia before settling in New York City. Donna’s signature Dip Into Bliss has been shared at Facebook, Columbia University, Soho House, Neuehouse, the Standard Hotel and more. Donna speaks globally including at PopTech, “Being the Best you” in Oslo Women's Summit, the Big Quiet. She is the co-producer of the bestselling “Soul of Healing Meditation” and “Soul of Healing Chakra Balancing” Series. She is the lead meditation instructor at Phoenix House, America’s oldest Drug and Alcohol Recovery Institution.