The many benefits of including a facial massage in your skincare regime

    A facial massage routine has many benefits that can improve the skin with a consistent regime

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Benefits of Incorporating Facial Massage in your Skincare Routine

Facial massages are simple yet powerful treatments for your face that you can do by yourself or get a professional to do it for you. Facial massages have more benefits that you can think of. This relaxing yet stimulating technique involves applying adequate pressure on various key points of your face, neck, and shoulders. While facial massages were given by only professionals until a decade or two back, now with the help of  facial massage tools like face rollers, ice globes, and gua sha, you can give yourself a good facial massage that can be incorporated effortlessly into your skincare routine.

Adding a facial massage step to your skincare routine will help in having a supple and healthy skin while still relaxing your facial muscles. Since the process has both relaxing and rejuvenating effects, it will instantly make you feel and look refreshed. There are a plenty of facial massage techniques for you to try based on your interest and need. However, before venturing into the regime of facial massages here are some benefits of the same that you should know:

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  • Provides anti-aging benefits, especially against wrinkles.

One of the major benefits of facial massages is the overall improvement in your skin's appearance. Your skin is bound to look younger, clearer, and more nourished. Using a good pair of ice globes, especially like Sonage's Ice Roller for Face helps in improving anti-aging properties of your skin. Various researches have shown that anti-aging creams' and serums' effects will be augmented when they are used with the facial massage tools. Significant improvements were told to be seen aging skin, with respect to wrinkles, fine lines, skin sagging, and aging texture.

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  • Relieves sinus pressure, congestion, and headaches.

For acute sinusitis, temporary nasal congestion due to weather, headache, and other tension induced pains can be relieved through simple facial massage. After a rigorous day at work or after experiencing discomfort, congestion, or pressure, you can do a quick ten minutes facial massage for your skin using your ice globes or any other facial massage tool. This is significantly improve the drainage of mucus, boost circulation, and alleviate headaches.

  • Improves blood flow to the skin, thus making your skin glow

By incorporating a good facial massage routine into your everyday skincare, you can instantly work towards stimulating blood circulation, helping to de-puff the face and eye area, reducing acne breakouts, shrinking pores, and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The blood circulation to your face is tremendously improved and your skin will start to glow. Additionally, the blood flow increase to your facial area will increase collagen production as well as help in good absorption of collagen serums, which gives a healthy and natural glow to your complexion.

baby frioz icy globes facial massager
  • Relieves tension & provides face rejuvenation

Various researches and studies have shown that women who incorporate face massage on their skincare regime have rejuvenated, healthier skin and mental health on comparison to their counterparts who don't indulge in facial massages. Apart from providing a natural facelift, the facial massage also relieves tension from your muscles in your face, neck, and shoulders, and also helps in feeling fresh and relaxed.

  • Manages acne and other scars & aids in getting a clearer skin 

Any facial scar, acne or from injury, that is in its healing stages will benefit tremendously from facial massage. When you massage the scar tissue and its surrounding areas, it helps to increase the blood flow. It also helps to loosen up the nearby tissues and flatten skin bumps, thus helping you to achieve a clear skin. To increase the benefits of facial massage, it is recommended to use a good quality facial oil, lotion, or serum.

So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself a good facial massage from the comfort of your homes. Cleanse you face. Use your favorite Baby Frioz or Frioz Icy Globes along with your favorite Sonage eye cream, serum, or moisturizer and give yourselves a soothing massage and start seeing the changes.

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