Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are both skincare ingredients used to treat acne.

    Each of these ingredients fight acne by reducing acne-causing bacteria in cleansers, exfoliators, and spot treatments.

    Zitlox Salicylic Acne Gel

Benzoyl Peroxide vs Salicylic Acid for Acne: Which is the better Ingredient?

When you want clearer skin, there are acne products that can help you make it happen. But many people wonder which of the top acne-fighting ingredients are best, benzoyl peroxide vs salicylic acid? Knowing the difference between them can help you pick the best blemish-busting products so you can revel in your clear and beautiful complexion. 

What is Benzoyl Peroxide?

Hailing from the peroxide family, benzoyl peroxide is an organic acid that has been used to get rid of acne for well over 60 years. It has antimicrobial properties that address P. acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, and tames inflammation. 

Unfortunately though, benzoyl peroxide tends to cause a great deal of skin irritation in higher concentrations. Choosing a lower concentration might sound like a good solution, but it may not handle your acne woes. If the formula has a higher concentration, it can ruin your look with red or peeling skin. 

What is Salicylic Acid?

On the other hand, salicylic acid has been used for centuries. It is an organic compound derived from plants, and it is much more gentle on the skin. It is known for its benefits in treating acne, usually in the form of a salicylic acid acne gel.

This beta hydroxy acid goes deep into the skin to dissolve clogs in pores including dead skin cells, environmental irritants, and excess oil. Because it also removes that acne-causing bacteria, using a cleanser with salicylic acid is a better choice for seeing clearer skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory, making it less likely to leave you red in the face. 

Benzoyl Peroxide vs Salicylic Acid: How Do They Compare?

The biggest difference between benzoyl peroxide vs salicylic acid is that salicylic acid clears out everything in the pores while benzoyl peroxide targets that acne-causing bacteria. Because salicylic acid tends to be gentler, it is your best choice in skincare for acne. 

Blackheads and whiteheads are easily busted with salicylic acid, leaving you with clearer skin. Additionally, if your skin is sensitive, salicylic acid will be less likely to see irritations. Ideally, you should follow with a moisturizer when using spot treatments for either of these ingredients which should help keep skin from drying out. 

Best Skincare Products with Salicylic Acid

If you want to start using salicylic acid in your skincare routine to get rid of acne, Zitlox Salicylic Acne Gel is a great new acne spot treatment by Sonage. It combines salicylic acid with postbiotics and melaleuca tea tree oil to help clear away blemishes and help skin heal. It also serves to prevent new breakouts from developing. Since salicylic acid has fewer side effects compared to benzoyl peroxide, it gives you a gentler way to clear your skin and get it back into good health. By clearing your complexion, through this innovative natural spot treatment, you’ll feel more confident in putting your best face forward.