Bags or dark circles under the eyes are often from temporary lifestyle conditions such as lack of sleep and poor diet.

    Under eye bags cause mild swelling in the skin underneath the eyes, making them appear puffy and dark.

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Can I Get Rid of Bags and Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Are you wondering what those dark circles are under your eyes? Bags under eyes or under-eye bags and dark circles under eyes are most often caused from a lack of sleep, poor diet, chronic stress, or illness. Those with allergies are more prone to them too. 

You should find out the cause for your dark circles and puffiness to help resolve this issue. 

What Are the Causes of Dark Circles or Bags Under Eyes? 

Puffy eyes and dark circles are caused by a few different things.

- Too much salt

If your dark circles have suddenly appeared, take a look at your plate. When you eat too many salty foods, you retain water which causes swelling.

- Think about allergies and medical conditions

For those with allergies, the congestion and inflammation that comes with them can often make the under-eye area dark and puffy. Likewise, certain health conditions, particularly those involving the thyroid, can make this area swell up. 

- It’s in your genes

Chances are, if your family has a history of under-eye bags, you’ll be prone to them too.

- Aging

Unfortunately with the normal process of aging, losing firmness in the skin and muscles occurs. As older skin becomes too lax, it falls and wrinkles from the weakening skin matrix. 

Can I Get Rid of My Dark Circles?

You can get rid of dark circles with simple lifestyle changes and good skincare. Some people choose to have surgeries, but you should try to make some switches first before you decide to go under the knife. 

How Can I Prevent Dark Circles from Forming?

As with anything, prevention is one of the best ways to stay on top of those under-eye bags. A cool compress will help soothe things in a pinch. Additionally, you’ll want to limit your fluid intake before bedtime and reduce how much salt you eat.

Sleep is another important factor for preventing those dark circles. Make sure you’re sleeping between 7 to 9 hours each night, and raise your head slightly with pillows to keep fluid from building up around your eyes. 

If you have allergies or take medications, talk to your doctor about ways to reduce the symptoms and side effects. And should you smoke, that’s another cause of under-eye bags, as well as one that leads to more rapid aging of the skin. It’s best to find ways to kick the habit before it’s too late. 

How Can I Treat Existing Dark Circles?

Additionally, you can use cosmetics to minimize the appearance of dark circles. We recommend trying Sonage’s Luster Eye Cream. This best eye cream for dark circles is also a clean and natural treatment for under eye bags. It takes aim at dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles to improve your under-eye area with every use.

It contains collagen and has a sheer, lightweight format that makes it perfect for smoothing on underneath makeup. You’ll see how it visibly lessens the look of those under-eye troubles. Designed for all skin types, it also features antioxidant squalane, bisabolol which soothes, aloe vera for hydration, and other vitamins and soothers to help the bags under your eyes fade away and give you that youthful look again!

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