Dry brushing is a technique of gently exfoliating your skin using a special firm-bristled brush.

    Dry brushing unclogs pores in the exfoliation process. It also helps detoxify your skin by increasing blood circulation, promoting lymph flow/drainage and in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

    Jolie Contour Body Creme

Dry Brushing for a Summer Ready Body

What is a Dry Brush?

Have you ever gone to your local organic pharmacy or apothecary and seen a long, wooden brush with stiff bristles among the creams and cleansers? Well, that would be a dry brush, and all the chic celebrities are using it for softer, smoother and radiant skin.

So, what is it for?

Dry brushes are used for detoxifying the lymphatic system, invigorating skin, boosting circulation, helping digestion- and improving the appearance of cellulite. Dry brushing has roots in ancient healing practices and rituals. It was originated in India as part of Ayurveda, their medical system. Dry skin brushing has been practiced by other cultures as well from Egyptians to Greeks. If you go to any luxe spa, they’re likely to give you the long-handled wooden brush with your robe and slippers. You can also do this bristly treatment at home and it will feel just as good and soothes aches and pains.

How to Dry Brush

The best time to dry brush is before showering. Brushing the skin while it’s dry will prevent moisture loss and the increased friction from the bristles makes exfoliation more effective. Dry brushes are excellent physical exfoliators on their own, however, using a cream that contains caffeine and dry brushing can make the skin smoother and firmer-looking. We recommend using our Jolie Contour Body Creme. To do the treatment at home, start with a natural medium-soft bristled brush, preferably with a long handle. Apply the Physiol Contouring Crème onto the brush. It is typical to start at the feet and brush upward towards the heart and limbs using long, fluid strokes. For the stomach and back, use clockwise circular motions. Lessen the pressure on sensitive areas as needed. Don’t press too hard to avoid causing irritation or sensitivity. After treating the areas, massage the Physiol Cellulite Contouring Crème into the skin until completely absorbed and voila! You have achieved plumper, tighter, more toned and youthful-looking skin.

Final thoughts

Did you know getting your butt filled with silicone can cause nerve damage, kidney failure, scarring or worse? For your legs and butt this summer - using a Dry Brush and our Jolie Contour Body Creme containing green coffee oil will boost circulation, flush out water retention and smooth cellulite.

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