The Soothe collection helps with redness and prevent breakouts and blemishes

    This collection is perfect for both men and women who have thicker skin. It contains botanical scents and natural extracts which help calm down the skin. The Facial Rinse is the perfect alternative to an after shave

    Soothe Collection, Facial Rinse

Facial Rinse VS After shave

As a unisex skincare brand, Sonage’s Soothe (Green) collection is great for men and women.  This collection is targeted towards thicker skin,  when the dermis is thicker, cells are more densely packed together and more compact. You don’t see fine lines and wrinkles as much.  The Soothe Line is simple and customizable with subtle botanical scents, natural extracts, and barely there textures and matte finishes with ingredients that visibly diminish redness and help prevent breakouts and blemishes. Facial Rinse is a hero product in our Soothe Collection, a must have for any skincare enthusiast.  

Facial Rinse After Shave
Alcohol-Free brings down redness, bumps, and razor burn Alcohol irritates skin and makes ingrown hairs worse
Essential oils are wonderfully scented Heavy fragrance can cause allergic reactions
Aloe Vera hydrates and firms skin Alcohol strips natural oils from the skin and dries it out
Lavender Oil reduces inflammation and promotes healing Alcohol causes swelling and burning
Witch Hazel prevents infections and stops bleeding Phthalates commonly found in aftershave are associated with hormone disruption
Natural and Safe Ingredients Alcohol causes inflammation

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