Having a great skincare routine can lead to you not having to wear makeup! Read more on how you can achieve this

    Having a good skincare routine can have the same effects of wearing makeup. Natural beauty is here to stay! Say goodbye to your heavy makeup, and say hello to your natural skincare

    C Shield Smart Serum, Botanica Souffle Creme, Luster Eye Creme, Hydrate Mini Set, Soothe Mini Set, Revitalize Mini Set

Is Skincare the New Makeup?

What’s in your skincare bag?

Prioritizing your skincare routine has become a staple in all our lives, putting on a face mask is like putting on our superhero cape… after masking we feel ready to take on the day, am I right? When we are having a good skin day we feel on top of the world, ready-clear skin and clear skies. Since skincare has become such a staple in our beauty routines, has it now surpassed the need for makeup?

A lot of us don’t realize that skincare can have the same effects as makeup. Want to be a glowing goddess, try a Vitamin C Serum like our new C Shield Smart Serum - Vitamin C cancels out your redness and brings out your natural glow. Goodbye highlighter! You want a matte finish to your skin try a mattifying moisturizer like our Botanica Souffle Creme- get a seamless matte look without drying it out. Goodbye foundation! You need something to make you look awake and refreshed in the morning, try the Luster Eye crème to de-puff your undereye and rid dark circles. Goodbye concealer!

With all these skincare products, why are we always carrying around all this makeup? We need a skincare bag! No more pounding on all those chemicals and preservatives, we need to keep it natural, light, and fresh. Unfortunately, skin care products are usually big and bulky and not convenient for toting around in your bag, until now.

We've curated these 5-step skincare mini sets specifically for your skin type. Our new mini skincare bags are perfect for taking with you on the go and touching up throughout the day! You can now hydrate, soothe, and revitalize wherever and whenever you want. Going for drinks with the girls after work, just reach in your bag and re-apply some Vitality Nourishing Facial Oil and you have your glow back! Just finished a Soul-cycle class and need a bit of a refresher grab your Facial Rinse and head out the door!

We are over covering up our natural beauty with makeup and are ready to enhance what we have by using exceptional skincare. Each skincare bag will include a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream -giving you the tools you need to feel your best each and every day.

So, what's in your skincare bag?

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