Green coffee oil features high levels of palmitic and linoleic fatty acids and is high in antioxidants.

    Cellulite leaves skin looking dimpled and lumpy on the hips, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. With regular use of green caffeine in your cellulite cream, you can smooth skin and improve texture for a more confident look all over your body.

    Jolie Contour Body Creme


It’s almost swimsuit season…are you ready? No? If cellulite is standing in your way, you’re probably afraid to take off your sarong or coverup while at the beach or pool. 

Cellulite is certainly a common condition that many people battle. Learning how you can correct that lumpy and dimpled texture in a natural way will help you shine during your time in the sun!

What is Cellulite?

While cellulite is completely harmless and quite common, you’re probably not all that thrilled to have it. This skin condition is most common in women, though no one is completely sure about what causes it. The fibrous connective cords that latch skin to underlying muscles have fat in between them. When more fat cells build up, the push up against the skin just as those long cords pull down, revealing an uneven, dimpled surface.

Hormones and genetics tend to factor into this. Weight and muscle tone may also affect whether or not you have cellulite. However, even fit and active people can find themselves with a cellulite problem. That’s why a green caffeine cellulite cream can benefit you!

How Does Green Coffee Help Cellulite?

Caffeine is great for perking up in the morning, but it is also a wonderful natural skincare ingredient. In particular, the green coffee oil (or green caffeine) has the potential to help you in topical applications like in cellulite cream.

Green Coffee Benefits

Here’s what the power of green coffee can do for you! 

- Dissolve fat away

With cellulite cream that contains this type of caffeine, it works below the surface to convert fat into fatty acids. Those are then removed by normal circulation and converted into energy.

- Reduce cellulite

And much thanks to this boosted blood flow, it helps stimulate the fatty acid from that fatty layer to help smooth your skin’s appearance.

- Nourishes with antioxidants

Caffeine is a natural when it comes to fighting free radicals thanks to its potent antioxidant powers. This helps minimize lumpiness all over your body.

- Decrease puffiness

Another benefit of green caffeine is that while it’s improving your skin’s circulation, it is also reducing any puffiness and creating a lively glow. 

- Improve collagen production

With green coffee bean oil in your cellulite cream, you’re infusing your skin with amino acids. These will help your body naturally produce collagen and elastin to firm skin up. 

Which Cellulite Cream Should You Use?

While no one is sure what exactly causes cellulite, using a quality cellulite cream can help you smooth things over and have the kind of skin that won’t embarrass you at the pool. Jolie Contour Body Crème is a staple product that features green caffeine to promote smoother, firmer, and more toned skin. 

With regular use, you’ll see sagging, crepiness, and cellulite vanish away while enjoy smooth, soft skin. This vegan and gluten-free formula simply melts right into skin from the moment you massage it in, and with the uplifting and woodsy aroma of eucalyptus, it will boost your mood too. Grab a tube today and regain your confidence for the summer!

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