How to apply eye cream the right way?

Eye creams are a non-negotiable part of skincare routines. Given that the area around the eyes is more sensitive than the rest of your face, it is highly prone to damage. From dark circles to wrinkles, fine lines to eye bags, there are a lot of issues that occur. The reasons for these damages can vary from ageing to sun exposure, genetics to unhealthy lifestyle, etc. Irrespective of the reasons, the best way to reduce existing damage and prevent any further ones is to start using an eye cream regularly. However, skincare products' benefits can be yielded to the fullest only if they are applied properly in a way the skin absorbs the ingredients and reduces the damages.

To get the maximum out of your eye cream, here is how you can apply it:

  1. Choose a lightweight matte eye cream: a sheer eye cream acts as contour care and is great under makeup.
  2. Make sure your cream is collagen-infused: When an eye cream is collagen infused it acts as an anti-aging cream and reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles. So, read the list of ingredients before buying.
  3. Take a small pea sized amount of the cream in your ring fingers: This amount is sufficient for one application, and it is important to use the ring finger to get the right amount of pressure needed for application around the eyes.
  4. Apply around the eye area, following the orbital bone: The orbital bone acts as a guide for applying the eye cream smoothly and evenly.
  5. Massage gently from inside to outside corner to help penetrate: It is always advisable to massage from inside to outside to reduce puffiness and to make the cream penetrate better.
  6. Once or twice in a week, opt for ice globes massage: Use a pair of cold ice globes and massage the cream onto your skin from inside to outside. This can be done weekly or even daily based on your needs.
  7. Do not use a lot of eye cream: The eye cream may enter your eyes and cause irritation, if used in excess. Also, note that it is not recommended to apply the eye cream on your eyelids unless the directions on your eye cream says to do so.
  8. Apply eye cream before daytime moisturizer and sunscreen: This is the general norm because eye cream is usually light, and the heavier formulas should go after light ones.
  9. Apart from these tips, always wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen. Drink sufficient amounts of water and always remove eye makeup before going to bed.

Start following these steps right away, and you will notice significant changes within a few days. While it's advisable to start using eye creams as early as possible, it's never too late, so start including eye creams to your skincare routine right away.